Why Does Ryuk Like Apples?

Have you watched the manga series Death Note? If you, then surely, you will be confused about apples eating ofRyuk since episode 1. Hence, the question: why does Ryuk like apples may arise in your mind. 

In the Death Note series, Ryuk was a shinigami but he liked apples because human apples were very juicy as well as delicious. 

Now, I will give you the appropriate answer to this query. For this, be in touch with us. 

Why Does Ryuk Like Apples

Who Was Ryuk

Ryuk was a shinigami in this series. He was the god of death. His duty was to take a human’s life. In consequence, he lived in a shinigami realm. His appearance was very dangerous. 

Ryuk was the owner of two Death Notebooks. But he stole the second Notebook from Sidoh, a shinigami. The first priority of his life was his fun and enjoyment. Also, he had a very selfish motive. 

Ryuk’s Abilities 

Ryuk was the owner of numerous abilities. He had super strength as well as super speed. For this, he could move from one place to another place easily. 

Hence, he was unbeatable, unbiased, undefeatable, and so on. Also, he was immortal.

What Was Shinigami’s Life? 

A shinigami was the most dangerous creation of darkness. Shinigami realm was their place. Hence, they were always obedient to their king’s rules. 

Their only and one duty was to kill human life. Hence, he could not save a human life. If they did, then they would die. 

How Was Shinigami Apples

The color of shinigami apples was black as well as maroon. The taste of shinigami apples was not delicious. It was like sand.

A shinigami could only eat apples. They could not eat anything. Even so, they could not get the food taste in the shinigami realm. So, they thought that food was not for them. 

Why Did Ryuk Like Apples 

Ryuk liked human apples a lot. He found that human apples were very delicious. Hence, he just loved to eat human apples. 

The color of the human apples was very beautiful. It was red. Also, the taste was very juicy. For this, apples were Ryuk’s favorite food. Eating apples was an addiction for Ryuks. 

Afterward, Ryuk compared applies to alcohol as well as cigarettes which were addictive to humans. 

But Ryuk only liked red-colored apples. He did not like black colored apples. Thus, he did not eat shinigami apples because of their bad taste. 


In summary, Ryuk’s love for apples was unconditional. He loved to eat human apples more than anything. For this reason, Ryuk always ate apples in this manga series. 

Since apples were readily available and possessed great taste and nutritious value, that was why Ryuk liked to eat apples. I hope you might clear your mind with this query: why does Ryuk like apples? 

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