Why Did Ryuk Kill Light? Why

Have you been confused between Light and Ryuk’s relationship in this manga series Death Note? If you have, then I’m here to clear your confusion!

After watching numerous series of Death Note, you may ask, why did Ryuk kill Light? While I was watching Death Note, I had this same question in my mind.

In this manga series, Ryuk killed Light to fulfill his own enjoyment. Ryuk had a very selfish motive. You might think that Ryuk loved Light Yagami a lot. But you are absolutely wrong. 

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Why Did Ryuk Kill Light?

What Was The Relationship Between Light Yagami And Ryuk

Ryuk found Light Yagami for his Own benefit. The relationship between Light Yagami and Ryuk was neither good nor bad. 

From the 1st episode, Ryuk cared about Light Yagami. Ryuk supported Light’s dream to erase criminals from this world. He tried to manipulate Light. Also, Light Yagami believed Ryuk. 

Once Light Yagami read the Death Notebook carefully. At that time, he found a short message inscribed in the book that not to believe Ryuk. Afterward, he was very confused about Ryuk’s behavior. 

Did Light Yagami Trust Ryuk?

When he got that short message about Ryuk in Death Notebook, at that exact moment, Ryuk arrived and he claimed that the message was bullshit. He who wrote this message was Ryuk’s enemy. 

Therefore, Light Yagami thought that Ryuk was his good friend. Moreover, Ryuk showed affection in front of Light. Light Yagami depended on Ryuk for the Death Notebook. 

How did Ryuk Find Light Yagami

In this manga series, Ryuk found Sidoh’s Death notebook in his shinigami realm. He kept this book very well. After a while, Ryuk felt very fatigued, and then, he dropped the Death Notebook into the human world from the Shinigami realm. 

The book fell down in front of Light Yagami’s high school. In consequence, Light picked up the book. The Death Notebook was connected to Ryuk. After a while, Ryuk met Light Yagami. 

Ryuk was visible to Light because of this Death Notebook. If anyone found this Death Notebook, he could see Ryuk. 

Did Ryuk Help Light When Light was Alive 

Ryuk Liked Light so much because Light always gave apples to Ryuk, his favorite fruit. In spite of that, he did not help Light Yagami. 

Ryuk gave the power of Death Notebook to Light. He loved to observe closely. Consequently, he just wanted to see what Light Yagami did with all of their power.

Why Did Ryuk Kill Light 

In this manga series, Ryuk has a very sick mentality. Everything from dropping the Death Notebook to introducing Light Yagami was a game to him. Ryuk wanted to find a new human for his enjoyment. 

After finding Light, he admired Light so much. He wanted to enjoy Light Yagami’s activities. Also, he wanted to take Light forever. From the very beginning, Ryuk told Light about his (Light) death. 

Ryuk did not waste his time waiting for Light to die. As a result, Ryuk killed Light to reduce his boredom. After a while, he returned to the Shinigami realm with the Death Notebook as well as Light’s soul. Also, he made Light a new shinigami. 

Did Light Yagami Want to Die?

Ryuk stimulated Light to become a shinigami. If Light became a shinigami, he could do everything. Also, Light could fulfill his dream which was to erase criminals from this world. 

As a consequence, Light sacrificed his Life. he wanted to be a shinigami to save humans from criminals. As a result, he wanted to die and gave his soul to Ryuk. 

How did Light Yagami Die 

After getting the Death Notebook, Light Yagami killed criminals consistently. Later, he was exposed to everyone as a Kira. 

At that time, Ryuk Wrote Light’s name in the Death Notebook. Afterward, Light died of a heart attack. 


To conclude, Light Yagami’s love for humans will never be forgotten. In this manga series, he was portrayed as one of the biggest torchbearers of humanity. 

I hope I have satisfied your mind with the answer of this question, Why Did Ryuk Kill Light?

You know Light will be the main antagonist in Death Note Season 2. Have patience and wait for season 2. 

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