Why Did Mikasa Kill Eren In Attack On Titan?

After watching the animated series Attack On Titan, all we know is how much Mikasa loved Eren. Now, one question you may have after watching season 4, why did Mikasa kill Eren.

Mikasa killed Eren to free herself. In contrast, Mikasa saved several people’s lives by killing Eren Yeager. There was a great reason behind killing the most powerful soldier in this series, Eren Yeager. 

Let’s see what was the reason behind Eren’s death. 

Why Did Mikasa Kill Eren

Why did Mikasa kill Eren 

Eren Yeager wanted to die intending to do significant work. This was the main theme of this series. 

So, keep your eye on this article for knowing the cause of Eren Yeager’s death. 

Was Eren Yeager a Titan?

Surprisingly, Eren Yeager was a Titan. Indeed, he was the inheritor of Titan. Eren got this power from his father. 

After the disaster, the fall of the wall, Maria Eren Yeager transformed himself into a Titan form. His Titan form was very insane. If anyone saw his Titan form, they would have been afraid. 

Did Mikasa Ackerman want to kill Eren Yeager? 

On the battlefield, Mikasa Ackerman was the head of the operation, killing Eren Yeager’s Titan form. Mikasa wanted to kill Eren’s Titan form to save people. 

For Eren’s Titan form, several humans died. Eren had lost his control. As a result, Eren Yeager destroyed this world. On the other hand, Eren went to destroy Marleyans. 

To control this situation, Special Operation Squad was formed with the special group for killing Eren Yeager. And also, Mikasa Ackerman went to kill Eren. 

Why did Eren Yeager sacrifice his life?

Eren Yeager was the main leading character in this series. But at the end of this series, Eren did not want to live due to his Titan form.

Because of his Titan form, his friend was executed. Also, his lover Mikasa Ackerman was not free for this. Indeed, he wanted to give freedom to his friends. For this great reason, Eren Yeager sacrificed himself. 

What was the actual reason for killing Eren Yeager?

It was very hard to kill the most powerful Titan in Attack On Titan in spite of Mikasa successfully killing the genocidal maniac Eren Yeager. 

By killing Eren Yeager, the world became safe. In fact, the big reason for Eren Yeager’s death was to save people’s lives. 

How did Mikasa Ackerman kill Eren Yeager? 

The action of killing Eren Yeager was very dangerous. Mikasa Ackerman targeted his mouth when she was supposed to kill him. 

On the battlefield, Mikasa Ackerman cut Eren’s Yeager head very bravely. This Mikasa Ackerman’s action took Eren Yeager to the point of death. 


Both Mikasa and Eren were true examples of humanity. In actual fact, they sacrificed their love for humanity. Mikasa did not think twice before killing Eren Yeager. In contrast, Eren Yeager could think about himself but he did not think. 

I hope I have satisfied your mind with the answer to this question: why did Mikasa kill Eren.

Always stay with us to get mysterious facts about this series.

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