Why Did Eren Turn Evil

Who is your favorite character in the world-famous anime series Attack On Titan? If I’m not wrong, then undoubtedly your favorite character is Eren Yeager. 

In fact, he was the most dexterous, powerful, and strongest character in this anime series. Also, Eren is my favorite. Now, you want to know this query: why did Eren turn evil, right? 

Alright, the main reason behind his evilness was to save his friends from Titans. In this anime series, Eren Yeager was a true example of humanity. In addition, he sacrificed his life to save the world. 

Why Did Eren Turn Evil?

Why Did Eren Turn Evil? 

There are some mysterious untold stories behind the character, Eren Yeager. You will know the most interesting facts about the Titans form of Eren Yeager throughout this article. 

Let’s start without delay. 

Character of Eren 

Eren was the most talented and intelligent soldier of the 104th Training Corps In fact, Eren Yeager was the main protagonist of Attack On Titan. Later, this protagonist turned into an antagonist. 

When he was a human, he joined the Survey Corps. Also, he was a member of the Special Operation Squad. 

Eren Yeager’s personality 

Eren had been a passionate boy since his childhood. In addition, He was very realistic and impetuous. Moreover, He always cared strongly for his beloved friends and family. 

Eren had a strong morality. In his whole life, he tried to save people as much as he could. 

Eren Yeager’s pure Titan form 

Eren Yeager was short in his pure Titan form. His height was only 4 m. 

Eren had no mouth that illustrated his teeth. In his form, he had a big head which made him horrible. 

Eren Yeager’s founding Titan form 

Eren Yeager’s founding Titan form was not similar to the normal founding Titan form. In this form, Eren’s knobs of the backbone and ribs were very large. 

Eren’s ribs touched the ground in spite of the arch of the spine touching the sky. His legs were very big. As a result, Eren was taller than any kind of wall.  

Abilities of Eren 

Eren Yeager had tremendous abilities in this series. He was very expert at martial arts. After joining the 104th Training Corps, he was the master of hand-to-hand combat. 

Eren had a vast knowledge of equipment. For this, he was able to kill a Titan. So, he had vertical maneuvering equipment powers. 

Eren Yeager had immense powers over Titan. Moreover, he had gained War Hammer Titan. 

What happened to his mother? 

Eren faced a tragic disaster which was the fall of wall Maria. In this disaster, all Titans behind the wall entered the human world. Titans tried to destroy the human world. 

Eren and Mikasa went home and saw the miserable condition of Eren’s mother.  Consistently, a Titan broke into their house. At that moment, Eren could not save his mother’s life. A female Titans ate his mother.

What was the reason behind Eren’s becoming a Titan

Eren Yeager’s friends were killed by Titans which was very pathetic for him. After some time, he learned that some of his close friends were his enemies. 

Actually, they were Titans. Also, he wanted to take revenge for his mother’s death. The titans were the Eldians and they were the biggest threats to all humanity who lived inside the paradise. 

In contrast, Eren was able to predict the future as well. These were the reasons behind his being an enemy. 

Was Eren Evil? 

Eren was not Evil actually. After some years, Eren had lost his faith in a peaceful solution. He trusted Zeke a lot and they had a mission which was to destroy the Eldians permanently.  

Eren had a meeting with anti-Marleyan volunteers. As a result, he did everything to make this world peaceful. 


The strong morality of Eren made him an antagonist at the end of this series. He sacrificed himself for making his lover, Mikasa free. Besides, he had a deep corner for his friend. For this, he transformed him into a Titan. 

I hope you have understood this untold fact: why did Eren turn evil throughout this article. 

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