Who Is The Strongest Hashira?

The splendid anime series of the animation world is Demon Slayer. Every aspect of this manga series Demon Slayer deserves to focus on the most powerful mistress Hashira. Today we focus on this query: who is the strongest Hashira?

Gyomei Himejima was the strongest Hashira in Demon Slayer Crops. He was the stone pillar in Demon Slayer Crops. 

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Who Is The Strongest Hashira

What Was Hashira 

Hashira was the most powerful combatant in Demon Slayer Crops in this manga series. Those combatants were the highest-ranking combatants. Their aim was to destroy the demons. Also, they worked to save humans from demons. 

If a demon slayer wanted to be a member of Hashira then, he had to be the strongest combatant in Demon Slayer Crops. Afterward, Hashira joined the training. They faced numerous training programs such as stamina training, pounding training, quick movement training, sword training, and so on.   

Who Is The Strongest Hashira 

The strongest Hashira was Gyomei Himejima in this manga series. Gyomei struggled a lot for getting this position in Demon Slayer Crops. He built himself for this strongest position. 

Gyomei proved his strength when he fought against kokushibo, the antagonist character. For his great power, he was able to kill Kokushibo. Thus, Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and all agreed that the most powerful as well as strongest Hashira in Demon Slayer Crops was Gyomei. For this reason, he was the current stone Hashira in this manga series. 

Gyomei Himejima

Gyomei Himejima was one of the major supporting characters in this manga series. He was the most polite, sensitive, humble as well as a religious boy in his village. He was raised in a temple. 

He saved his villagers and orphaned boys from demons. After killing so many demons, he was called a demon slayer. At that time, he joined Demon Slayer Crops. 

Gyomei Himejima

Appearance of Gyomei Himejima 

Gyomei had a gigantic figure in this manga series. His height was 220 cm or 7 feet 2 inches. He was the tallest character in this manga series. 

Gyomei built his muscles powerfully. Also, his weight was 130 kg. Hence, he had black hair as well as white eyes. Sadly, Gyomei was blind since his childhood. 

Gyomei’s Power and Abilities 

Gyomei had numerous powers and abilities which made him more powerful. Also, he had some god-gifted power. Those powers and abilities are as follows: 


Gyomei had a Bright Red Nichirin Sword. It was a magical sword. It could nullify the healing powers of demons. This Bright Red Nichirin Sword was used for killing demons. 

Pellucid world

Gyomei was blind. For this, his sense of prediction was excellent. He could easily predict his antagonist’s movement. As a result, he could kill a demon easily. 

Enhanced hearing 

Despite being blind, he had a superhuman sense of hearing power. Gyomei was able to hear his blackcloth sound more acutely. For this, his movement was impressive. He used his power in combat very effectively. 

Extensive speed

Gyomei had stupendous speed. No one could defeat him for his fastest speed. He could move easily. For this, demons could not catch him. 

Stamina and durability 

During Hashira training, Gyomei increased his stamina and durability. When he fought with Kokushibo, he showed his superhuman stamina as well as durability. This was very impressive. 

Spiritistic strength 

Gyomei had spiritistic strength which was the most potential power for brightening up this series. He reached the greatest position of spiritistic strength. 

Gyomei was born with the gift of immense strength. Also, he expressed this power since his childhood. 

Repetitive action 

In this term, Gyomei remembered his painful memory for more concentration. From this technique, he gained spiritistic strength. 


In a nutshell, in this manga series Demon Slayer, Gyomei was the strongest Hashira for his hard work consistency. Also, he was a crucial member of Demon Slayer Crops. After struggling a lot, he created this great position. 

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