What Is Ryuk?

From the very beginning of this manga series Death Note, the character of Ryuk was neutral. Ryuk was neither good nor bad in this anime series.

What is your point of view about the character of Ryuk? If I am not wrong, your concept about Ryuk is not clear yet. But relax girls and boys, I’m here to give you the answer to your question: what is Ryuk?

Ryuk was a very talented shinigami. If you want to do more research about Ryuk, then you must go through the detailed discussion of this article.

So, let’s begin. 

What Is Ryuk

Who Was Shinigami?

Shinigami was the great monster in Death Note. It was the creation of Death of God. Everyone could be shinigami but they had to find out about the Death Notebook first. Thus, they could be shinigami in their afterlife. 

The place for shinigami was the shinigami realm. The Old Man was the king of the shinigami realm. 

What Was Death Notebook 

Death Notebook was the most magical book in this manga series. If anyone found this book, they could kill anyone easily by writing their enemy’s name in the Death Notebook. 

But here was a 2nd condition. The 2nd condition was that the owner of Death Notebook had to know his enemy’s name as well as face properly.

This Death Notebook belonged to Death of God. After getting this book, everyone got the superpower that was included with the Death Notebook. 

What Is Ryuk?

Ryuk was a great shinigami in this manga series. He was the owner of two Death Notebooks after stealing a second Death Notebook from Sidoh. Moreover, Ryuk had a very selfish motive. 

Therefore, he could do anything for his own enjoyment. In Death Note, Ryuk felt very bored in the shinigami realm. For this reason, he dropped the Death Notebook in the human world and found Light Yagami. 

Literally, Ryuk used Light. Everything was a game for Ryuk. He neither loved Light nor hated Light. Also, he loved to see. So, he gave the Death notebook to Light, and then he enjoyed the Light activities with the Death Notebook. 

Ryuk’s Features 

Ryuk had numerous abilities. He got those abilities from the Death Notebook. Also, He was a creation of dreakness. 

In Death Note, Ryuk looked like a monster. He had a large body with spiky hair which gave him a dangerous look. His skin tone and lips were gray-blue mixed. For his appearance, Light Yagami was frightened when he first saw Ryuk.

The True Motive Of Ryuk’s Life 

In this Death Note, the character of Ryuk loved nobody. He just loved himself. His enjoyment was his first priority. Also, he could do anything for his enjoyment. 


In this manga and anime series, Ryuk was a fictional character. Light Yagami was a new toy for him. Surprisingly, he made Light a new shinigami. 

However, I did research a lot to find out the appropriate answer of this query: what is Ryuk? Now, I hope you have enjoyed this article so much. 

Thank me later! Happy watching. 

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