Vinland Saga Season 2 Release Date, Voice Artist, And Story Plot

The wait is over anime lovers! Vinland Saga Season 2 has been released on 9th January 2023. This is a Japanese historical drama. It is a highly awaited anime which is first released on Netflix.

Audiences can watch this series on Crunchyroll. Basically, Crunchyroll is an anime broadcast service. 

Audiences had to wait for three years to watch the “Vinland Saga Season 2”. The anime show would be 24 episodes but the director of “Vinland Saga Season 2” confirmed that season 2 is extremely important & also episode numbers can be increased if needed. 

What is the story of the “Vinland Saga”?

“Vinland Saga” is established in the chronicle of Thorfinn. Thorfinn is a youthful Icelandic soldier who obeys under a band of soldiers of fortune directed by Askeladd who assassinated Thorfinn’s father.

Vinland saga develops in 11th century England & pulls out countless historical incidents & builds from Norse & English history. 

Thorfinn is a protagonist character in the show & he is influenced by the ancient character Thorfinn Karlsefni Thórdarson. He is an Icelandic adventurer.

Thórdarson observed Leif Erikkson’s path to England. It is a chronicle that Ubbe Ragnarsson reflected in Vikings too. Hold on, this is not the end. 

There is a twist, moreover, Thorfinn reaches Canute in “Vinland Saga Season 1” & is influenced by Cnut the great. Cnut the great was a king of England, Norway as well as Denmark.

The exciting news is Thorfinn will also be the major character in Vinland Saga Season 2! But in season 2, the trailer looked a bit older than before. The character of Askeladd will appear in Thorfinn’s thoughts & vision. But he won’t be alive in season 2.

However, the audience will see a new character who is Einar. This character may be a replacement for Askeladd. Einar is ‘lynchpin’ in the second season. Undoubtedly, Einar will dominate Thorfinn in this season.

Not just Einar there will be many more new characters in “Vinland Saga Season 2”. These new characters are Snake, Olmar, Thorgil, Arnheid & Ketil. Apart from these new characters some previous characters of season 1 will also appear in season 2. Like; Floki, Thorkell & Canute. Moreover, Leif Ericson will be back in season 2. Maybe, he will dominate Thorfiin’s fate. 

The new season of “Vinland Saga” will change the manga’s Slave Arc which is accepted by numerous manga readers as Ketil Farm’s Arc or the Farm’s Arc.

Thorfinn is punished as an enslave when he rebukes Canute for refusing him his intention to kill Askeladd. 

After years, in the Scandinavian slave trade, Thorfinn is sold. Most of the Slave Arc behaves with Thorfinn helps him to find a new hope to live. 

“Vinland Saga Season 2” is not as violent as season 1. This season will be critical to Thorfinn’s character growth. 

The voice artists of “Vinland Saga Season 2”:

As in the “Vinland Saga Season 2” a new character appears who is Einar so it is very obvious that a new voice artist is there. The voice artist of Einar is a Japanese actor & singer named Shunsuke Takeuchi.

List of voice artists’ names: 

Voice Artists nameCharacter’s name
Yuuto UemuraThorfinn
Fuminori KomatsuSnake
Mayumi SakoArnheid
Akio OotsukaThorkell 
Shunsuke TakeuchiEinar
Kensho OnoCanute
Youji UedaLeif Erikson
Hideaki TezukaKetil
Yuu HayashiOlmar
Taiten KusunokiThorgil

A glimpse of “Vinland Saga Season 1”:

The first season of “Vinland Saga” was released on 8th July 2019. But this series gets popular on Netflix in July 2022. 

The director of this series is Shūhei Yabuta. The wonderful character is designed by Takahiko Abiru & the amazon music is composed by Yutaka Yamada.

The story is based on the legendary Viking fighter King Knut & Thorfinn. “Vinland Saga Season 1” also has 24 episodes. 

Thorfinn is the real protagonist in this series. He is a merchant & explorer who attempts to seize Vinland. The last episode of the first season horrified the audience when antagonist Askeladd died. 

Will season 2 of “Vinland Saga” be as popular as season 1?

Undoubtedly, this season 2 will be more popular & hyped than season 1. Because the last episode of season 1 left the audience shocked & also the audience eagerly waiting for the second season. After 3 years of a waiting season, 2 have come.

Social media popularity of “Vinland Saga”:

Audiences get obsessed with this show & they are showering love on social media. This anime is a masterpiece and it is actually a historical story. “Vinland Saga” is one of the hyped series on Netflix. People on Twitter are mad about this show. When they heard the announcement of the second season they started showering love. 

Awards & Recognition of “Vinland Saga”:

“Vinland Saga” is an award-winning anime show. Vinland Saga won the 36th Kodansha Manga Award for Best General Manga along with the Grand Prize of the Manga Division at the 13th Japan Media Arts Festival in 2009. This show won the best drama award. Vinland Saga best anime of the year award at the sixth anime trending award.

Ratings of the episodes of “Vinland Saga Season 1”:

As the “Vinland Saga” is the most hyped anime show. Here, we tried to show the ratings of episodes. Each episode of this anime is rated from worst to best. This rating is based on thousands of votes from the audiences of the show. 

Episode 24- End of the Prologue: this episode has 8.66 stars & 273 votes & the last episode of season 1 is the best episode of the anime.

Episode 4- A true warrior- this episode got 8.33 stars & 305 votes according to audience rating episode 4 is the second-best episode of the series.

 According to audience rating Episode 13- Child of a hero-, this episode got fewer ratings & it got 7.34 stars & 248 votes.

However, audiences are hooked on this “Vinland Saga Season 1” & they eagerly waited for season 2. 


Anime lovers have waited for three years for the second season of Vinland Saga. The last episode of the Vinland Saga season left the audience shocked. It is a story about a young man named Thorfinn. He became revengeful against his father’s killer.

Thorfinn traces a journey with his father’s murderer so that he can take revenge for his father’s death & end his life as a respectable fighter as well as pay his father recognition. 

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