Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Release Date

Takemichi Hanagaki is back again! Tokyo Revengers season 2 was released on 8th January 2023. It is a shonen manga series. Tokyo Revengers is streaming on Disney + internationally & in the U.S. on Hulu. 

Season 2 of Tokyo Revengers has 13 episodes. 

What is the story of “ Tokyo Revengers Season 1”?

Tokyo Revengers season 1 was released on 19th September 2021. This season has 24 episodes. 

This anime started with Takemichi Hanagaki, the major character of this series. He is a 26-year-old virgin boy. He finds out that his ex-girlfriend from middle school, Hinata Tachibana, and her younger brother Naoto were killed by Yakuza. 

After hearing the death news of his ex-girlfriend, Takemichi is standing at the train station & he pushes onto the railway routes. Here is a twist: he thinks he is dead but when he opens his eyes, he returns to his 12 years.

Now, Takemichi is living the great times of his life, he wants to take revenge on his life. 

What will be the story of “Tokyo Revengers Season 2”?

Season 2 covers The Christmas Showdown Arc. Season 2 of Tokyo Revengers will present the story of Takemichi after he comes back to the present. He again finds out that the Tokyo Manji Gang has expanded into an extensive crime organization after absorbing the Black Dragons, and his friends still pass away.

When Takemichi again backs on his past, he gets to know that Hakkai Shiba is compelled to quit the Tokyo Manji Gang and unite with the Black Dragons under the commands of his cruel older brother and the Black Dragons’ present head, Taiju, an event that influences the Tokyo Manji Gang’s merge with the Black Dragons. 

Also, in season 2 there will be some new characters. 

Why has the second season of Tokyo Revengers arrived? 

The first season ended with a frustrating thriller. There was suspense about the protagonist of the series & fans of the anime were thinking about how Takemichi would survive the entire ordeal.

The second is going to cover this suspense. Basically, this season will clear out the suspense.   

The Voice artists of “Tokyo Revengers Season 1”

There is a bit of change in voice artists. We have mentioned the first season’s voice artists’ names below: 

List of the voice artist’s names:

Voice artist’s namesCharacter names
Yuuki ShiTakemichi Hanagaki
Yuu HayashiManjirou Sano
Shou KarinoChifuyu Matsuno
Azumi Waki Hinata Tachibana
Takuya EguchiShuuji Hanma
Yoshitsugu MatsuokaMitsyua Takashi
Shoutarou MorikuboKisaki Tetta
Ryouta Oosaka Naoto Tachibana
Tasuku Hatanaka Hakkai Shiba

The voice artists of “Tokyo Revengers season 2”:

Maximum voice artists are the same in both seasons there is no change except Tatsuhisa Suzuki will not be the voice artist for the Draken character. In her place, the audience will hear Masaya Fukunishi’s voice for Draken. The rest of the artists remain the same in both seasons.

Also, some new characters are approaching in the new season so new voice artists are added. 

List of the voice artist’s names:

Voice artist namesCharacter names
Junya EnokiInui Seisyu
Natsuki HanaeKokonoi Hajime 
Tasuku HatanakaHakkai Shiba 
Masaya Fukunishi Draken

Awards & Recognition of Tokyo Revengers: 

Tokyo Revengers is worth watching. It has exciting & thrilling scenes in every episode.

Tokyo Revengers is one of the top-selling comic-strip book series of all time. Tokyo Revengers season 1 won a Kodansha Manga Award in 2020 & the category was the shonen category. Also, this series got a nomination for Fantasia Film Festival 2021.

Social media popularity of Tokyo Revengers season 1:

Tokyo Revengers is one of the most popular anime series. This anime series was trending in second position in The marketing firm AMF reported on Wednesday that Tokyo Revengers. This series has sold almost 11.4 million copies. 

Facebook Page:

Instagram Page:


The Panel list of Tokyo Revengers season 1 & 2:

As it is a top-selling anime series & won an award, how can we not mention the amazing creator’s names who have created this series successfully.

This amazing manga series is directed by Koichi Hatsumi. The Tokyo Revengers is written & illustrated by Ken Wakui. The wonderful characters of this anime are designed by Kenichi Onuki & Keiko Ota. Hiroaki Tsutsumi is the music composer of the series. 

Ratings of the episodes of “Tokyo Revengers season 1”:

In this segment, we have tried to show the ratings of episodes of the first season of the series. Each episode of this anime is rated from worst to best. This rating is based on thousands of votes from the audiences of the show. 

Episodes NamesAudience Rating 
Season 1 Episode 24- A Cry BabyAccording to audience ratings this episode is the best episode of the first season. This episode got 117 votes & 8.45 stars. 
Season 1 Episode-12-RevengeThis is the second-best episode according to audience ratings. This episode got 133 votes & 8.14 stars. 
Season-1 Episode-15-No pain, No gainThis episode got fewer ratings from the audience. This episode got 122 votes & 7.41 stars. 


Tokyo Revengers is one of the popular anime series. Besides, it is an award-winning anime series. This series is full of fun, excitement & thrill.

Season 2 is going to introduce new characters. Tokyo Revengers season 2 shows the new life of Takemichi. It has got so much love from the audience & audiences are eagerly awaited for season 2.

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