Tanjiro Kamado Father

Tanjuro Kamado, the father of Tanjiro Kamado, is a bold fictional character of the series Demon Slayer. He and his wife, Kie Kamado, had four sons and two daughters. 

Here, you will come to know about this fabulous personality, Tanjiro Kamado father, Tanjuro Kamado.

Tanjiru Kamado Father: Name and Other Facts 

In this series, the father of Tanjiru Kamado had been presented as a quiet, frugal, clement, charismatic, and loving person. He maintained the tranquility and peacefulness of the Kamado family.

He used to advise Tanjiro regarding life. He was always endeavoring to save his family from enemies. 

Tanjiro Kamado Father

Tanjuro Kamado Appearance

The character, Tanjuro Kamado, had dark red eyes. He had black hair along with red tips. His son, Tanjiro, inherited these characteristics from his father.

Both of them also had forehead scars. Tanjuro had an illness that was responsible for his faint, faded, and fragile skin. His outfit was almost analogous to his son, Tanjiro. However, he never wore the dark turquoise and black of his son. Instead of that, he wore a black and orange patterned haori. 

While he was even alive, he wore earrings passed down by his ancestor. These earrings were later inherited by Tanjiro.

History of Kamado Family

Tanjuro and Kie had six children together. Although he was supposed to have a connection to the demon-killing world, he was even more sick and frail in his final years.

The murder of his wife and youngest children had taken place sometime after his death, but his two sons were still inspired by him.

Abilities of Tanjuro Kamado

Though he had a tragic disease, he was expressed as a strong individual. In Spite of not being a Demon Slayer, he was still able to slay a bear that was as tall as 3 meters. 

Tanjuro had a birthmark on his forehead which was actually a Demon Slayer Mark. This mark seemed to be the mark that all Sun Breathing users usually had.

Tanjuro had an amazing ability to get the omen of enemy attack by seeing their blood flow. Muscles and joint movement.


An excellent example of endurance along with endless courage has been represented in the Tanjuro character. His illness could never pull him down in protecting his family.

No matter how ill he was, his frail body or the freezing surroundings, he could practice the Hinokami Kagura Ritual Dance and he practiced it from dusk to dawn having no rest.
Thus, Tanjiro Kamado’s father came to be an inspiration for his descendants.

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