What Is Ryuk?

What Is Ryuk

From the very beginning of this manga series Death Note, the character of Ryuk was neutral. Ryuk was neither good nor bad in this anime series. What is your point of view about the character of Ryuk? If I am not wrong, your concept about Ryuk is not clear yet. But relax girls and boys, … Read more

Is Ryuk Evil [Death Note]

Is Ryuk Evil

If you have watched the famous anime series Death Note, then what is your opinion about the character of Ryuk? Moreover, if I’m not wrong then you will get confused when you try to dig deep into the character of Ryuk.  Penetrating into his diversified character, all of a sudden, you may think, is Ryuk … Read more

Light Yagami Voice Actor

Light Yagami Voice Actor

From the very beginning of releasing Death Note as an animation series, it has gained huge popularity within a very short time. And among all the characters, the character of Light Yagami was very popular in this manga series. Those who have watched the previous series of Death Note definitely knew very well about Light … Read more

Does Light Become A Shinigami

Light Become A Shinigami

The greatest gospeler in this Death Note anime series was Light Yagami, a genius teenage boy. The writer of this manga story, Tsugumi Obha illustrated the character of Light Yagami very well.  Does Light become a shinigami? Yes, Light became a shinigami in this animation series. Surprisingly, he sacrificed his life for achieving a great … Read more