Solo Leveling Anime Release Date: Is It Coming Soon?

Solo Leveling anime is going to be released in the second week of March 2023 & it is going to premiere on Crunchyroll. Moreover, the amazing fact is Solo Leveling is going to cover 100 chapters in just 13 episodes! 

What is the story of Solo Leveling? 

Solo leveling is a famous webcomic that achieves great recognition from the internet & now it is coming in anime form to you! 

Solo Leveling Anime Release Date

So what’s the story? How’s it going to be?

This anime occurs in a world that is taken over by destructive monsters. These monsters come from another dimension. These destructive monsters threaten that they will destroy mankind! 

Only huntsmen who have the special power to kill these dangerous monsters can save mankind. 

Sung Jinwoo is the lead character of Solo leveling. He is a rank-E-hunter & the weakest one. So, what happened to Sung Jinwoo? He discovers himself in a daring dungeon. He locks up there & he is trying to come out from the dungeon but it’s very difficult to come out from there.

While he is trying to save himself a strange scheme called the System selects Jinwoo as its solitary player & grants him the power to grow in strength.

And then he moves on to a mission to make himself the strongest hunter by using his new abilities. But he has to face so many difficulties. Yet, he doesn’t stop his adventure. Basically, Jinwoo wants to know how he became so lucky & what is hidden in that dungeon. 

How is the trailer for Solo leveling? 

A two minute twenty second official trailer has been released. But the trailer doesn’t cover countless optical views except for a still resemblance of the head character of the anime & it includes a few images from the digital comic and notion art. 

Who will be the voice artists of Solo Leveling? 

Who will be the voice artist of this anime is not revealed yet. They keep it secret. Don’t worry it will be revealed very soon. Till then, keep the audience intrigued! 

Though the voice artists’ names are secret yet the panel members’ names are not secret.

Who are the panel members of Solo leveling? 

Solo-leveling anime is directed by Shunsuke Nakashige. The script of this series is written by Noboru Kimura & the music composer is Hiroyuki Sawano. The starling characters are designed by Tomoko Sudo.

Which studio is going to produce the Solo leveling? 

Solo leveling is going to be produced by A-1 pictures. Not only, but Solo leveling A-1 pictures also produced so many famous anime like Fairy Tale,  Black Butler, and The Seven Deadly Sins. The audiences don’t need to worry because Solo leveling is in the right place!

Why is Solo leveling so famous? 

The story of Solo leveling is simple & interesting. It is a perfectly entertaining story. This story provides how the lead character becomes strong from a weak person. How his power gradually levels up, it’s perfectly shown in this story. 

Not only the lead character Sung Jinwoo, but Solo leveling also has incredible characters. The lead character & other incredible characters make the story so perfect. 

What are the other characteristics of Solo Leveling? 

There are several incredible characters in Solo Leveling. Let’s have a look at who are they: 

List of the characters: 

Characters names               Roles
Adam White  Chief of FBH’s Asia Branch
Hwang Dong-Su  Former S-Rank Hunter
Go Gun-Hee  Head of Hunter’s Association
Cha Hae-In  Vice Master of Ah-Jin Guild
Woo Jin-ChulHunter’s Association’s Chairman
Yoo Jin-HoVice President of Ah-Jin Guild
Choi Jong-InGuild Master of Hunter’s Guild
Thomas AndreHunter in America
Baek Yoon-HuGuild Master of White Tiger Guild
Akari ShimizuShe is a  part of the Draw Sword Guild
Ahn Sang-MinChief of the white tiger’s guild
AntaresKing of Berserk Dragons also the Monarch of Destruction
BaranDemons king & Monarch of the    white flames
BarukaRed Gate Dungeon boss
Beast MonarchKing of the beasts
Choi Yoo-RaNurse 
Esil RadiruRdairu clan’s princess
GinaA rank hunter
Go Myung-HwanCrank hunter

When it is announced that Solo leveling is getting an anime adaptation? 

Previously Solo Leveling was a webcomic & it grabbed the love & attention of people. Now, it is coming in an anime form. In the Crunchyroll Expo 2022 Industry Panel, they announced that Solo leveling is coming in an anime version. The anime expo was held in July 2022.


Solo Leveling webcomic already won the hearts of millions of people & it is very obvious that Solo Leveling anime is going to be more popular than the webcomic.

It is a unique story with incredible characters. Though Solo Leveling anime is not released yet, audiences are already very excited to watch the anime show. Keep your eyes on Crunchyroll so that you don’t miss the incredible anime. 

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