Demon Slayer Sabito Voice Actor

Numerous characters of the manga and anime series Demon Slayer illustrated great humanity. Shabito was one of them. However, each Sabito voice actor played a vital role to make this character so realistic. 

Yuki Kaji and Max Mittelman gave their marvelous voice to the character of Sabito. Their amazing voices made this character so plausible.

Sabito voice actor

In this article, we will reveal the real man who had worked behind this character. Come on, let’s get to know those voice actors.

Demon Slayer Sabito Voice Actor Yuki Kaji

Character of Sabito 

In the manga series of Demon Slayer, Sabito was a former probationer. He was the apprentice of Sakonji Urokodaki. In the final selection of Demon Slayer,  Tanjiro Kamado was assisted by Sabito. 

Sabito was a young man with a large scar in his mouth on the right side of his face. He was a human. Also, he was 13 years old. 

Overall abilities of Sabito

Sabito was a swordsman. He was very skilled. And also, he was very expert at katanas. As a result, he could possess both wooden as well as real swords.

In contrast, he was the master of the wooden sword. In fact, he played better with wooden swords than Tanjiro. 

Sabito’s voice actor for the Japanese series 

The name of his Japanese voice actor is Yuki Kaji. he was born in Tokyo, Japan. His date of birth is on September 3 in 1985. 

Yuki Kaji is a famous voice actor as well as a singer. He combined with the agency of VIMS. Also,  he has given his voice to several prominent characters. 

Sabito’s voice actor for the English version 

Max Mittelman gave his voice to Sabita in the English version of Demon Slayer. By profession, he is an actor. He was born in California, USA. 

Max Mittelman was very famous for movies such as One Punch Man, Spider-Man, and so on. 


In a nutshell, Sabito sacrificed himself to save Sakonij’s students from a Demon who wanted to eat Sakonij’s all students. As a result, he was the only one who did not pass in his final steps of selection. 

Yuki Kaji and Max Mittelman worked very hard as Sabito voice actors. They did amazing work on the character of Sabito.

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