Sabito Death: How Did Sabito Die In Demon Slayer

The most generous character in the manga and anime series Demon Slayer was Sabito. Who does not love this amazing character Sabito?  In fact, he sacrificed himself in this series. Today our discussion topic will be Sabito’s death. 

Sabito was killed by a notorious demon, the Hand Demon. Sabito was the best wooden fighter in this manga series. Indeed, he showed his great humanity throughout the fight with demons. 

Sabito Death 

This anime series broke the hearts of numerous Sabito’s fans. Actually, we expected Sabito’s presence in this series. 

Be in touch with us if you want to know about the facts of Sabito’s death and how the mysterious Hand Demon defeated Sabito. So, let’s start. 

Sabito Death: How Did Sabito Die In Demon Slayer

Character of Sabito 

Sabito was a former trainee of Sakonji Urokodaki. Sakonji Urokodaki was a water Hashira in Demon Slayer crops. He was the expert at capturing the hand Demon. 

Sakonji Urokodaki gave Sabito a responsibility which was helping Tanjiro Kamodo for his final selection of Demon Slayer Crops. 

The character of Hand Demon 

The Hand Demon was the most popular in the Demon Organization. He was the most dangerous demon in this anime and manga series. 

In consequence, the Hand Demon killed around thirteen Sakonji Urokodaki’s trainees. Also, he was a large and bulky monster by his looks. 

Overall Sabito’s and Hand demon’s abilities

Sabito had amazing sword power. Also, he was the strongest swordsman in this manga series. As a result, he was an expert at wooden swords. 

The Hand Demon was the most powerful and talented demon. He could manipulate his own flesh. And also, he was an expert in tolerating his pain. 

How the Hand Demon defeated Sabito 

Hand Demon was the most ferocious demon in this manga and anime series. He had already eaten approximately 50 humans. And also, he targeted Urokodaki’s students. 

The Hand Demon was surprised by Sabito’s power. When the Hand Demon attacked Sakonji’s students, then Sabito and Makomo went to Handa Demon to fight with him. 

At first, the Hand Demon defeated Makomo very badly. After this, he went to Sabito. Subsequently, he told Sabito how he defeated Makomo. At that time, Sabito was very angry. 

In an attempt to kill the Hand Demon, Sabito went to cut the Hand Demon’s head. But unfortunately, Sabito’s sword broke on the demon’s neck. That was when the hand Demon punched Sabito hard. 

How Did Sabito Die? 

After getting punched by the Hand Demon, Sabito fell down on the ground. Thus, Sabito was killed by the Hand Demon.  

Sabito lost his life for saving the lives of others. After dying, the souls of Sabito and Makomo returned to Sagiri Mountain. 

Sabito was killed by the Hand Demon


In a nutshell, Sabito sacrificed his life to save Sakonji’s students. He was the great symbol of humanity in this manga series. 

Sabito death surprised everyone. In this anime and manga series, this was a pathetic story. Stay connected with us for more information about Sabito.

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