Rias Gremory Voice Actor ?

From the beginning of releasing High school Dxd as an animation tv show, it has become a popular one within a very short time. Those who have already seen the previous seasons of this show, quietly know very well about Issei Hyoudou and his several girlfriends. One of them was Rias Gremory. 

To make Rias Gremory’s character more lively, several voice actors had performed so hard. Their dedication and beautiful voices had made this character true in the sense.

Today’s writing is about Rias Gremory voice actor. Stay connected with us to know the details till the end of this writing. 

Rias Gremory Voice Actor Jamie Marchi

Rias Gremory’s Voice Actors 

As a character, Rias Gremory had a strong personality in this show. She was a devil princess and a third-year student of Kuch Academy. As a senior student and being a princess with profound power, she had dominative behavior in nature. 

To match her personality, a voice actor should be someone, who has a strong and drawn throat. From this perception, Yuko Hikasa and Jemie Marchi were selected for making this character more realistic. 

Jamie Marchi Did Justice As Rias Gremory Character 

Rias Gremory Voice Actor Jamie Marchi

As an English voice artist, Jamie Marchi did her best for this character. Her voice matched with this character’s default behavior and nature. That’s why the audience could accept this character as a real one. 

From the first season to season 4, Jamie did her task as a voice actor for Rias Gremorys. That’s why the audience enjoyed this character the same in every season. 

Jamie had started her career as a voice artist in 2002. Till now, she is working great to make animation and gaming characters lively. She was awarded many times for her hard work and dedication. Jamie is such a great voice artist ever.

Yuko Hikasa, A Japanese Voice Actor For Rias Gremory 

Yuko Hikasa did a wonderful job by giving her voice to the Rias Gremory character. Her Japanese accent is so charming to hear. 

Yuko is not only a professional voice artist but also a rocking pop singer. She trained herself as a professional voice actor and achieved a certificate from a renowned institute named Nihon Narration Engi Kenkyujo.

She started her career in 2007 with an animation tv project. Till now she is involved with various commercials. In 2014 and 2015, her first DVD and Blu-ray had been published and both of them were enormously praised by everyone.


Similar voice continuity of a character is so important to make the same feelings towards the audience. Those kinds of feelings make an emotion for the particular character.

Though all of the characters are not real in the animated sector, in that case, only voice actors can make them authentic. Rias Gremory voice actor did their job delightfully and also played fair with this character.

Hope for the best for the upcoming season and also wish to hear their marvelous voices again.

Happy watching.

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