Re Zero Season 3 Release Date: Will IT Really Come?

Luckily, the Re Zero season 3 release date is confirmed. But there is no exact date for the coming of the series. 

Re Zero is the best adventure series. In fact, the dark fantasy captures the series very well. Besides, the series is based on the story of starting life in another world. You are able to see the elements of the dark world in the series. 

Be in touch with us to know the most amazing things about Re Zero season 3. 

Re Zero Season 3 Release Date Will IT Really Come

Re Zero season 3 release date

Re Zero is the Japanese Light vowel series. The other name of the series is Re: Life in a different world from zero. In fact, the genre of the series is Isekai which is a fantasy and science fiction series. 

The series was published in several versions such as novel series, light novel, manga, anime television series, original net animation, original video animation, and video games, etc. 

You will come to know the certain date of Re Zero season 3 in 2023 or soon hopefully. Indeed, the season is producing. 

Re Zero always comes with the most exciting story. As a result, season 3 will take time to release. The new episodes of the series will come soon so do not lose hope. 

Let’s explore the article. 

The background of the Re Zero series

The writer of the series is Tappei Nagatsuki. Shinichiro Otsuka was the illustrator of the series. In fact, the novel series of Re Zero has run since April 12, 2012. 

The director of the series is Masaharu Watanabe.  Also, the studio of the TV series is the white fox. Tatsuya Kyanagi and Masaharu Watanabe are the directors of the video animation of Re Zero. 

Moreover, the streaming service, Crunchyroll has a license for the series. 

Re Zero season 1 and 2 release date

Season 1 of Re Zero was released from April 4 to September 19 in 2019. It has a total of 25 episodes. Season 2 of Re Zero released from July 8 in 2020 to March 24 in 2021. It has a total of 25 episodes. 

Character and cast of the season 1 and 2 of Re Zero

Character Cast 
Subaru NatsukiYūsuke Kobayashi
Emilia Rie Takahashi
Puck Yumi Uchiyama
Roswaal L. Mathers Takehito Koyasu
Rem Inori Minase
RamRie Murakawa
Beatrice Satomi Arai
Garfiel TinselNobuhiko Okamoto
Frederica BaumannKaori Nazuka
Patrasche Kouichi Souma
Otto SuwenKōhei Amasaki
Petra Leyte Marika Kouno
Felt Chinatsu Akasaki
Priscilla BarielleYukari Tamura
Anastasia HoshinKana Ueda
Reinhard van AstreaYūichi Nakamura
Julius EucliusTakuya Eguchi

What happened in the first part of season 1 

Subaru was in the market of another world when he went from a store. He was attacked by the three hoodlums. At that time, Satella saved him. She was a half-elf girl. 

Subaru did not know anything about the area. Later, Satella realized that. At that time, Puck wanted to get the stolen products from Felt who was a thief. After some time, Subaru and Satella went to the loot house. 

There, Subaru met with Felt and Rom. Subaru respawned after being killed by Elsa. when Subaro wanted to go to Insignia, Elsa killed everyone.  

In the 2nd episode, Satella felt irritated because of the meaning of her name, which was jealous bitch. Subaru failed and was killed again via Hoodlums, when Subaru protected that Insignia from stealing. Satella went back to the place which shocked Subaru. 

Elsa attacked after seeing Satella. Puck convinced them to go to his place in a crystal vessel. Satella helped to recover Rom’s wound. At that time, Reinhard distracted Elsa and she used a van Astrea sword. 

Reinhard wanted to take Felt with him because of preventing him from stealing things. In the next episode, Emilia saved Subaru’s life. Subaru got a job as a butler at a royal mansion.  

In episode 5, Rem wanted to know about Subaru’s thinking of Demons.  In the next episode, Subaru wanted to know the skill which could kill anyone from Beatrice. Subaru, Rem, and Ram talked about the demon and dragon kingdom. 

In episode 7, they were at the Cliff. Ram went there to kill Subaru. As a result, Subaru jumped from the Cliff. After that, he worked as a butler in the mansion again. 

In episode 9, Subaru went to the village of the maid’s twin with Ram and Rem to fulfilling a purpose. The children were missing in that village. They found out that Puppy bites the children. At that time, Subaru realized that Rem got the consciousness of Demons. 

Suddenly, they were attacked by Mabeast. Subaru lived after the attack. In episode 11, Ram and Rem were from a demon’s village. At that time, the puppy Shaman was attacked by Mabests. Roswaal saved Subaru by killing Shaman.

After the attack, Subaru and Emilia went for an outing with the village kids.  Subaru was with Priscilla as her servant. In the castle, Reinhard declared that Felt was the 5th and final candidate. 

It was shocking news for everyone. 

What was the story of the last part of season 1 

In 13 episodes, Emilia was insulted because she was a half-elf. Rom broke the throne because he didn’t want Felt to join the election.  Felt said that if he won, then he would destroy the nation. 

After that, Julius wanted a duel with Subaru. In the next episode, Reinhard came to Subaru to apologize. When Subaru went to Aralam village, he found a village full of dead bodies. 

They investigated the village. Subaru was left by Petelgeuse to die. When he respawned, he cursed Petelgeuse. Later, Petelgeuses attacked the mansion and village. 

Rem wanted to sacrifice himself for Subaru and Otto. but Otto could not recall any memories of Suboru and Rem. In the war, Petelgeuse wanted to kill Emilia. 

In episode 19, the monstrous defeated Petelgeuse and his cult. But he left Subaru to die for letting Emilia die. Also, Subaru had feelings for Emilia. 

A war started between them and the White Whale. Whilhelm and Ricardo’s group joined Subaru. On the battlefield, the soldiers died because of the Subaru. 

Moreover, Petelgeuse’s soul was present in the war. Subaru was attacked by the plants when he went to meet with Julius. Indeed, the village was attacked by the Witch’s cult. 

In episode 24, Julius attacked Petelgeuse with the help of Subaru’s ability. Petelgeuse used an ability so that his body was seen but his hands were unseen. Subaru found an explosion and he used it. After that, war was finished.  

What happened in the part 1 of season 2

After the battle, Subaro went to Crusch’s manor. Rem went to coma after seeing others’ existence eaten by Lye. Subaru was very upset about that. 

Subaru and Emilia went to Roswaal. In the episode, Subaru met with Echidna. After that, Subaru found himself in Japan. There, he lived a normal life with his family. 

In the 30 episodes, Echidna gave her best wishes to Subaru for leading a good life. Later, Subaru found the Roswaal Mansion deserted. 

Subaro respawned again in a Sanctuary graveyard. Besides, Ram wanted to recall everything about Rem. When Subaro arrived in front of Elsa, everybody thought that he was killed. 

Subaru felt angry about Beatrice. She told him that she did everything to obey a book’s order. Later, Subaru wanted to know why Otto helped him. 

After fleeing Otto and Ram, Subaru arrived in front of Roswaal. He told him that Beatrice was a gospel. In the episode, Subaru was broken by mentality. He wanted to tell everything to Echidna. 

In episode 34, Echidna told everything about the most powerful 3 Mabeasts who were created by Gluttony. Gluttony was a witch. Saburo wanted to meet with Typhon. 

Moreover, Garfiel saved Satella when she was going to kill. Subaru got a mysterious book. 

Subaru lived a very long period for getting Emilia. After that, he died. Then, he respawned again in episode 37. Witches told him not to believe Echidna. There, Echidna was a psychopath. 

In the next episode, Satella told her feelings towards Subaru that she loved him. Subaru gained the fear feelings for death via the witches. 

Subaru came to know that Roswaal was a madman. After that, he waited for Otto to solve problems. 

What happened in the last part of season 2 

Otto told Subaru that he would help him. If he could save Sanctuary and the mansion, then Roswaal would leave. Subaru came to know that Emilia did not need him. After that, she ran away from the village. 

She hid in a place. There she met Subaru. In the next episode, Subaru understood the anger of Garfiel. Also, Garfiel found out the reason for his mother’s leave. 

Emilia ended everything with Subaru. Then, Echidna greeted her as a witch’s daughter. 

Pandora wanted to open the seal through Emilia. Finally, she opened the seal. Petelgeuse came for the fight. Emilia was very sad because she did not control her magic. 

Moreover, Roswaal knew the motive of the Sanctuary. He was saved by Echidna. Also, Echidna saved Ryuzu’s life. In the last episode, Ram waited for Emilia. 

They wanted to negotiate. Unfortunately, it failed. So, Subaru, Otto, and Garfiel went to the mansion to halt Elsa. 

As a result, Garfiel and Elsa began to fight. On the other hand, Emilia lived peacefully with Fortuna and Petelgeuse. 

Garfiel won the fight. For this, they encourage him. 

In episode 48, after the fight with mabeast, the mansion was ruined. So, Otto and Petra escaped.  Later, Ram told that she loved Roswaal. 

In episode 48, Roswaal had the skill to change the weather. Emilia found a way to protect the villagers from snow. Everybody prepared themselves to face the powerful Rabbit. 

In the last episode, Subaru, Beatrice, and Emilia used their power in an integrated way to handle the Rabbit. They were united again. 

What will be the estimated story of season 3 

Definitely, season 3 of Re Zero will come with a new fantasy story. The battle against the strongest Rabbit did not end in season 2 of the series. So, season 3 will start with the story of the war with the great Rabbit. 

Moreover, you will see several new characters who will join the war. Subaru and Emilia will fight by heart to win the war. The other characters of the Re Zero will use magical powerful abilities during the war. 

You can see the end of the war in the next upcoming season. Besides, it will come with more powerful antagonist demons, witches, and so on. 

The profitability of the Re Zero series

The profitability of the series is so huge that you can not even count. In 2016, the series had around 1M copies which were in June. In September, it increased to 2M. In 2017, the ratio had crossed over 3 Million. 

The volumes of the series are the best selling Light novel series in Japan. In fact, it sold 68,792 copies of Blu-Ray and DVD discs. 

It won Crunchyroll’s first Anime Award. Also, it is one of the best-selling Japanese series

Will season 3 of Re Zero be popular?

Season 3 of Re Zero will be very popular because of its huge amount of fans and followers. They are excited to see the new episodes of the series. 

The new series will have a fantastic theme which will catch more fans. So, undoubtedly season 3 of the series will be very popular. 

Social media popularity of Re Zero 

The series has gained huge popularity on social media. As a result, it has 272,143 followers on its Facebook Page whose name is Re: Zero – starting life in another world. 

The name of its Instagram is which have 208k followers. Its Twitter account contains 296.4k followers. Also, the name of its Twitter account is re. Zero. 



Twitter: Re:ZERO (@ReZero_En) / Twitter


The rating of the series is 4.7 out of 5 on the Crunchyroll streaming website. On IMDb, it has 8.1 out of 10. 


The Re Zero series is an excellent anime series. As a consequence, it is very famous amongst teenagers. It showed the dark world in a great way. 

For this, everyone always feels interested in the series no matter how much they have watched. So, keep your eyes open to hear the Re Zero season 3 release date first.

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