One Punch Man Season 3 Release Date: Will It Be Released This Year?

There is no confirmed message about the release date of One punch Man. But the One Punch Man season 3 release date will arrive soon. 

One Punch Man is a very excellent Japanese action series. Besides, the series captured the hardest adventure life of the Heros in this anime. The story is between the monster and the superheroes. 

Stay connected with us to explore the actual story of One punch Man season 3. 

One Punch Man Season 3 Release Date

One Punch Man season 3 release date

Season 3 of the series can arrive in 2023 anytime. Yes, the series is taking a lot of time to be released. And one of the main facts is covid-19. But the series is coming, no worries. In fact, this news is officially confirmed. 

Through this article, you can know about the important news of One Punch Man series season 3. Moreover, you can recall the previous story of the series easily via the article. 

The background of One Punch Man 

The One Punch Man is a Japanese manga series that is based on the story of a superhero. In addition, the writer of the series is One. 

The manga series runs since 2009. Yusuke Murata is the illustrator of the series. The series is published by Shueisha. Additionally, the name of its English publisher is Viz Media. 

The director of the series for season 1 is Shingo Natsume. Chikara Sakurai is the director for season 2. Moreover, Madhouse was the studio for season 1. For season 2, the studio was J.C.Staff. 

The Character and cast of Seasons 1 and 2 

Character cast
SaitamaMakoto Furukawa
GenosKaito Ishikawa
TornadoMarieve Herington 
Bang Kazuhiro Yamaji
Atomic SamuraiKenjiro Tsuda
Child EmperorMinami Takayama
Metal Knight Tesshō Genda
KingHiroki Yasumoto
Zombieman Takahiro Sakurai 
Drive Knight Yōji Ueda
Pig God Daisuke Namikawa
Metal Bat Wataru Hatano
Amai MaskWataru Hatano

The release date of season 1 

Season 1 of One Punch Man has a total of 12 episodes. It was released from October 5 to December 12 in 2015. 

What happened in the 1st portion of season 1

Vaccine Man killed a girl. He was a monster. Saitama wanted to kill him through a punch. Indeed, he was a hero of the city. 

Before three years, everybody knew him as a hero for saving a boy’s life. He saved the boy from Crablante. Actually, Saitama was very powerful. 

Saitama dreamt of winning the Subterranean race. Later, he understood that the race was very easy and he easily killed their leader. 

In the 2nd episode, Genos discovered a monster girl, Mosquito. He had a very difficult time with the girl. But Saitama killed the girl. At that time, Enos told Saitama that a bad cyborg ruined his village. 

A mutant from House of Evolution investigated Saitama. There, the Armored Gorilla told everything that Saitama wanted to know.

The Gorilla told Doctor Genus and House of Evolutions to Saitama in episode 3.  

The leader of the house of Evolution did the study about Saitama powers and abilities. 

Saitama and Genos explored the House of Evolution. The most powerful creation of that house was Carnage Kabuto who was the owner of unlimited powers. 

In the next episode, a criminal called Hammerhead wanted to free goods. Hammerhead’s group took on Zeniru’s ninja. Later, Saitama defeated Hammerhead. After that, he escaped. 

Moreover, Genos and Saitama joined the Hero Association. They successfully passed the exam of the Association. After that, Saitama got the highest marks on the Physical portion exam. 

In contrast, he did badly on the nonphysical exam. There, Saitama defeated Snek. In the Association, Genos got a greeting gift from Amai Mask. 

The heroes of C-class dropped out. Sonic wanted to set their alleged rivalry but Saitama did not want to. Later, Sonic attacked Tank-To Tiger. Sonic and accused him. Also, he thought that Mayhem wanted to create a problem between Saitama and him. 

The Heroes association sent Golden Ball and Spring Mustachio to do research on Kombu Infinity who was a monster. He attacked Z-City. Then, Saitama killed him. 

Saitama got the 6th rank in S-Class. 

What was the story of the 2nd portion of season 1

In episode 7, Scientists and Astronomers did the study about a pattern of meteorite. 

The S-Class hero, Metal Knight illustrated a weapon opponent the meteor. After failing Metal Knight, Genos used his weapon but it failed to show. Moreover, Tanktop Tiger said that Saitama Stole the credit. 

Also, his brother, Tanktop Black Hole attacked Saitama. Later, Saitama was the owner of showing the meteor. 

In episode 8, Saitama killed an octopus monster. The sea monsters treated the city J.  Stinger wanted to do a battle with an opponent of Sea-Folk. 

The sea king easily defeated the Stinger in the battle. Saitama saved Mumen Rider and defeated them in the battle. 

After that battle, the civilians praised Saitama a lot. 

The Terror Lizard, who was an ancient king, was defeated by Tatsumaki. In that episode, the Hero Association called all students of S-Class for a meeting. 

Madame Shibabawa died when she predicted the future. Her prediction was 100% accurate. She said that “The Earth Is In Trouble” via a note. 

Malzargard killed some civilians. On the other hand, Saitama wanted to get back to the shipping leader. 

In episode 11, Geryuganshoop showed powerful telepathic powers. Finally, Saitama found the Boros. Boros understood that he was the strongest warrior. Later, Saitama threw a punch at him. 

As a result, they were fighting in episode 12.

At the end of the episode, Saitama ruined Pluton: King of the underworld by a punch. 

The release date of season 2 

Season 2 of One Punch Man has a total of 12 episodes. The release date of season 2 was on April 9 in 2019. 

What happened in the 1st portion of season 2

Saitama and Genos went from the grocery shop. At that time, they saw the King and S-Class hero who was ranked 7. Moreover, the monsters ruined a place named Otaku. 

Moreover, the president needed villains. Speed O Sound Sonic left the meeting because Saitama was not there. 

In episode 2, Garou insulted heroes and villains. In that episode, Sonic and Genos were fighting. Saitama wanted to stop the fighting but he could not. 

Furthermore, Fubuki told that she was Tatsumaki’s sister. The Hero Association gave a name to Saitama which was Blad Cape. 

Saitama learned about the martial art of Garou. Then, he got a mixed martial art tournament ticket to join. In addition, he joined a fighting tournament in episode 4. 

When 2 monsters attacked Nandini, Metal Bat killed them. Then, Raffleseidon, a monster, attacked Narinki and Waganma. A dragon monster, Elder Centipede attacked Metal Bat. 

Metal Bat failed to defeat the monster. Moreover, Saitama was busy with his fight tournament. 

The announcer of the tournament knew that when the tournament started, then monsters would arrive to remove the audience. In the episode, Amai Mask was worried about the monster. 

What was the story of the 2nd portion of season 2

The Child Emperor used a robot to understand a monster. On the other hand, the heroes of the class went to the monsters. In the meanwhile, they got attacked by other monsters or faced numerous problems. 

In the next episode, Suiryu got a trophy. Because Saitama was disqualified. After that, Gouketsu ate the monster’s cell. As a result, he lost his humanity.  Besides, Suirya defeated both Choze and the monsters. 

Saitama came to save Lightning Max and Snek. Moreover, Saitama killed Bakuzan with a punch. After that, Saitama told Suriya about his strength.  

Saitama came to know the true intention of Gyoro-Gyoro and Destrochloridum. They did not reveal their true plan to the Hero Association. In fact, Destrochloridum killed an executive. 

Bomb and Bang killed monsters. Then, Bang and Garou were fighting. In the meanwhile, he recalled the memories of meeting Garou. 

In the last episode, Garou recalled his past memories. In addition, he thought that he was stronger than before. On the other hand, Saitama asked the heroes to go to his flat. 

What will be the estimated story of season 3, One Punch Man 

The main protagonist of the series is Saitama. He will still remain the main protagonist in season 3 of One Punch Man. In addition, you will see the rest of the characters of the series who were alive in seasons 1 and 2. 

The name of season 3 will be Monster Association Arc. You will see the different monsters who will be the most powerful in the season. For this, they will struggle more than previous to kill those monsters. 

Moreover, the plot of the series will be a comedy so that you can enjoy the series in a fantastic way. 

The profitability and sale of One Punch Man 

One Punch Man is very popular among the people who have watched the series at least once. It is a commercially successful series. 

The community of the series has gained huge profits by the series. In 2012, it gathered 7.9 million by webcomic. The Webcomic of the series got a huge comment from its viewers. 

The manga of the series sold 3,2 million copies in 2017. In print, it sold 13 million copies. Amazingly, It was the best-selling manga series in 8th position. 

How do you understand that season 3 of One Punch Man will come? 

As a very popular series, the Fans of the series are very crazy for the next season which is season 3. Also, they will want to gain more profit from the series. 

Besides, they want to make the series more popular. So, you can be sure that season 3 of One Punch will come soon. 

Will there be One Punch Man season 4? 

The One Punch Man series will not be over easily. They will illustrate the series in a vast way. In fact, the storyline of the series is extensive. 

As a result, it is expected that One Punch Man will come with 4 after releasing the season 3. They will think of the production of One Punch Man season 4 after publishing the upcoming season. 

Awards and Nominations 

It got several awards and nominations. The manga series One Punch Man got Sugoi Japan Award and Spanish Manga Barcelona Award. 

Moreover, it got the nomination for Eisner Award and Manga Taisho Award

Will season 3 of One Punch Man be popular?

Undoubtedly, season 3 of One Punch Man will be more popular because of its huge amount of fans who wait for the season. 

The popularity and sales of the series will cross the previous seasons 1 and 2. Moreover, it will make new fans and followers of the series. 

Is the trailer of One punch Man released?

The trailer of One Punch Man season 3 is now available on Youtube. You will get an idea of season 3 after watching the trailer. 

Also, the images of season 3 came. Now, you just have to wait for the season. 

Social media popularity of One Punch Man

The Facebook Page of One Punch Man is @OnePunchManMobile. It’s written as a Japanese name. In fact, it has 526,605 followers on Facebook. 

The name of its Twitter account is One Punch Man, which has 27.6k followers. Furthermore, the name of its Instagram is onepunchman_official. In addition, it contains 123k followers. 





The rating of the series is 8.7 out of 10 on IMDb, which is huge in the animation world. Also, it got 8.50 out of 10 on 

The average rating on Rotten Tomatoes for the series is 4.6 out of 5. 


Fans of the series love the series mostly because of its great adventure life. The superheroes of the series were very dedicated to saving the people from the monsters. As a result, they never thought about their life. 

One Punch Man season 3 can be released anytime. You will get the series on Crunchyroll or Netflix. So, keep your eyes on it. 

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