No Life No Game Season 2 Release Date

The all-time popular anime series is No Game No Life. You can predict the theme of the series after hearing its name. In fact, it is an amazing Isekai series whose main stories depend on various game elements. 

If you are a game lover or science fiction lover, then the series will be very interesting and magical things for you. But unluckily, there is no certain No Game No Life season 2 release date, yet. 

Stay connected with us to know the correct prediction date which is examined based on several things. 

No Life No Game Season 2 Release Date

No Game No Life Season 2 Release Date 

The madhouse does not confirm the release date of the series. But season 2 of No Game No Life will arrive soon. The best estimated time of release date for season 2 is 2013. 

You can catch everything in the series through the article. Furthermore, if you feel crazy about season 2 of No Game No Life, then this article is for you.  

How Many Volumes Have No Game No Life? 

From April 25 in 2012, so many volumes of the No Game No Life series were published until February 2022. In Japan, the series has a total of 11 volumes published. 

Before 2014, the series was tried to be published in around 6 volumes. Because the writer wanted to complete at least 6 volumes of the series before the premier the series. 

Besides, you will get the manga series of animation. In addition, the manga version has a total of 2 volumes. The title of a manga series is No Game No Life, Please!

The manga series was completed in 2017. 

No Game No Life 

No Life No Game is a Japanese animation that is a light novel series. The series is about the peculiar two siblings, Sora and Shiro. Shiro was his step-sister. They were the most talented undamaged blank gamers. 

They never lost a game no matter how much they struggled. In fact, they believed that the real world was another game plot. One day, they got a mysterious email from a boy named God. 

where they were invited into another world. There, God wanted to create a world that would not have any crime. 

The other name of the series is No Gemu No Raifu, which is a Japanese name. 

The background of No Life No Game

The writer and illustrator of the anime are Yuu Kamiya. He is a Brazilian and Japanese novelist and illustrator. MF Bunko J and Imprint was the publisher of the series. In addition, the animation studio of the series is Madhouse. 

The series is based on fantasy as well as science fiction. It has several versions such as light novels, manga, anime television series, and anime films. Moreover, the anime film of the series was released in 2017. 

No Life No Game season 1 release date

The first season of the anime adaptation of No Game No Life was released on April 9 in 2014 from June 15 in 2014. It has a total of 12 episodes. Additionally, the premiere of the series came on the same day. 

Atsuko Ishizuka is the director of the anime series. The media factor released season 1 on DVD. 

What happened in the first portion of season 1

The first episode of the series is called beginner. There, the two siblings Sora and Shiro belonged to the online games. In addition, the name of their undefeated group was blank. 

Suddenly, they received a challenge from the old magical dues, Tet. Then, they were invited to a dashboard which was called Ten Pledge. The rules of the game were to remove violence, enforcement, and crime. 

When they got into the game, they traveled to Elkia. It was a human world. At that time, Sora played poker with a woman to make money.

After winning the game, they next planned to find a home. After that,  they met with Stephanie Dola who was the granddaughter of the previous king of Elkia. 

Stephanie Dola fell in love with Sora after seeing his amazing talent to win games. Then, Sora and Shira decided to help Stephanie to get her kingdom back against Kurami Zell. 

In the 3rd episode, Sora understood that Kurami took the benefits of Fil Nilvalen who was a magician. Kurami was forced to play a chess game with Sora and Shiro. 

In the game, Sora grabbed Kumari’s queen. Kumari defected in front of his queen. After some while, Sora won the game. She proved that humanity is the strongest power. 

Amazingly, Sora and Shiro got the right to challenge Tet for the title God. They took the challenge. 

In the fifth episode, Sora and Shiro would not leave the political responsibilities of Elkia until Stephanie took the challenge. Then, she challenged Sora to a blackjack game. 

If Stephanie won the games with Sora, then she would be able to take Elkia’s king responsibilities. But unluckily, she lost every game. 

As a result, Sora and Shiro got Elkia’s library by defeating Jibril in a Shiritori game. Jibril was impressed by them. As a consequence, she gave her loyalty to them. 

What was the story of the last part of season 1

In episode 7, Jibril told them everything about the were beasts game. Sora and Shiro found the secret library in the chamber of the king. 

After that, Sora and Shiro went to the werebeasts world for a challenge. There they discovered that Werebeasts used video games. If the werebeast didn’t accept their challenge, then their every information would go to the elves. 

The name of the nine episodes was skywalk. Here, Shiro’s memory tampered. Sora and Kurami played the reversi game. At that moment, Shiro found the pieces and they won the game. 

In that episode, they gained the power to manipulate Fil’s memories. 

In the next episode, Sora, Shiro, Kurami, Stephanie, and Jibril prepared themselves to win the Eastern Federation. Their enemy sent them to a virtual world. 

In episode 11, Sora and Shiro went back to normal in the virtual world. Sora, Shiro, and Zibril fought against Izuna. 

In the last episode, Sora and Shiro lost the game, unfortunately. But suddenly, Izuna was shooted by Stephanie. Then, Izuna left the werebeasts. After that, they won the game. 

Afterward, Sora forced Miko to challenge a game, then they did a coin flip. In addition, Sora managed to tell Miko they both won the game. As a consequence, the  Elkia shared its resources with the Eastern Federation. 

No Life No Game season 1 the character and cast

  Character                         Cast   
Sora  Yoshitsugu Matsouka
ShiroAi Kayano
Stephanie Youko Hikasa
IzunaMiyuki Sawashiro 
JibrilYukari Tamura 
Chlammy Yuka Iguchi

How you can understand that season 2 will come 

There are so many reasons that you will understand that season 2 will come. The easiest way to understand whether season 2 of No Game No Life comes or not is to check out the profit ratio of the anime. 

The amount of profit of the series is good. Furthermore, the anime has only one season. To get widespread popularity, the series needs more seasons. Also, the story of season one did not cover the whole thing.

On the other hand, the ending of season one was not as satisfying as the end. It left the suspense. As a result, you can assume that season 2 of the anime will come soon. 

What will be the estimated story of season 2 

After successfully winning the  Eastern federation, Sora and his friends were found an allied nation which was called the Elkia federation. 

The group summoned the greatest old dues. In season 2, the gaming challenge will continue. They can find out about another nation to make peace there. 

After that, Sora and Shiro will win several games. It will make them more powerful and increase their knowledge. 

Then, they challenge Tit for the title of God. It can be assumed that they will rule the world. At that time, they will try to make the world peace so that everyone can live a healthy life. 

After watching the whole season, you can predict those things that may happen in season 2. 

The popularity of No Game No Life 

The anime series No Game No Life has gained huge popularity in the world. In fact, it is the largest anime in the animation world.

It is the 10 most popular anime. Season 1 of the anime has ended but still, the anime is going so well in the market. Surprisingly, the views of the anime are approximately 100M. 

Moreover, the Blu-Ray disc of No Game No Life sold around 8800 copies per disc which is amazing. Because there are so many anime series that can not sell even 10000 discs. 

If you talk about the light novel of the series, then it sold 165,000 copies of the 10 volumes. The last volume, 11 was sold 85000 copies.  

Later, the box office made 7000000000 Japanese Yen which was around $6 million from the anime movie. Besides, the box office made money through the selling of 45000 copies of blu ray. 

Will season 2 of No Game No Life gain popularity?

As season one is going so well, it can be predicted that season 2 will be more interesting. But still, it is very tough to tell the estimated profit of season 2 of No Game No Life. 

If the author of the anime series writes and illustrates season 2 in a more significant way, then they will definitely make a profit without any doubt. Because they have the chance. 

How much merchandise love to take the series?

The series has more than 550 merchandise. This amount is really good, which is huge compared to other anime series. 

If you talk about the figurines, then No Game No Life has approximately 55 figurines. 

Social media popularity of No Life No Game

Besides the popularity of CVs, and DVD disks, the series No Game No Life is very famous on social media. The series is very active on several sites on social media. 

The fans of the series get updates about the series through social media. It has a Facebook page that has 211,109 followers and 209,616 likes. 

The Facebook page’s name is No Game No Life. Unfortunately, it has no Instagram page. 

The name of its Twitter account is No Game No Life which contains 5,623 followers. It was created in 2014. On Youtube, the series has so many trailers which have around 2M views. 




Definitely, season 2 of the series will be so much more enjoyable. Season 2 will maintain the suspense all the time. Also, you will find so many comedy senses when you watch the series. 

I’m pretty sure that when you hear the exact No Game No Life season 2 release date, you will feel excited to see the series. Because the series is the all-time favorite series for everyone. 

Keep your eyes on the No Game No Life series so that you can know the date when it will be announced. 

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