Misa Amane Height [Death Note]

In the Death Note series, Misa Amane was the female antagonist. Moreover, her dexterous movement in this anime series made her the most famous female character. 

Do you know what Misa Amane’s height was?  Well, Misa Amane height was 152 cm or 4 feet 11 inches. If you are the biggest fan of Misa then, this article will be very interesting for you!

So, let’s jump into this article. 

Misa Amane Height

Misa Amane

Misa was the fictional character in the manga series Death Note. She was the most famous model in Death Note. Hence, she was very talented as well as intelligent. 

Moreover, Misa supported Light Yagami’s dream which was to make this human world beautiful destroying all criminals. After all, Misa loved Light the most. Also, Light Yagami was everything for Misa. 

Misa Amane Height

Misa Amane was a short girl in Death Note. She was 152 cm. If you convert her height into feet then, she would be 4 feet 11 inches. 

On the other hand, she was the most attractive girl in this manga series. Hence, she had long, straight blonde hair which made her most beautiful. Also, her dress was always fashionable. 

Misa Amane Abilities 

In this manga series, Misa had a Death Notebook. So, Misa could kill anyone by using this book. Moreover, Misa had shinigami eyes. 

When she turned her eyes into shinigami eyes, her eyes would be bright red. Surprisingly, she could tell anyone’s name after seeing s/her face instantly using her shinigami eyes. 

What Did Misa Make Exceptional

Misa was the most beautiful girl in this manga series. Though she was too short in height, she was the most stunning girl. Hence, she had several abilities. 

Misa Amane’s height doesn’t matter or anything to her. It’s just a number. Also, she prospered in her life very much. Moreover, she earned a huge amount of money through her modeling career. This made her exceptional. 


In Nutshell, if anyone is very passionate about her life, they can do anything in their life. Indeed, her height will not be a fact for anything. 

Misa Amane height didn’t make any difference in this manga series. Hence, she was a successful young lady in Death Notebook. Moreover, everyone liked her a lot for her appearance.  

Stay with us for more interesting information about Misa Amena. And most importantly, live a healthy life. 

So, happy watching. 

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