Misa Amane Birthday

Whom do you think is the most influential female antagonist character in anime history? We think it should be our beloved Misa Misa or Misa Amane from the classic anime Death Note.

By using her control over Shinigami’s eyes and the power of the Death Note, Misa became remarkable. And in this article, we will talk about a few interesting facts about Misa.

So, stay with us till the end of this writing to know about Misa Amane’s birthday, personality, and powers.

Misa Amane Birthday

When Was Misa Amane’s Birthday?

Misa Amane was born in 1984 on Christmas. Yes, you got that right. She was born on 25 December. Her birth town was Kyoto.

In her character profile, there is no mention of her parent’s name. Only the fact that they were killed by a thug was mentioned as her backstory. Apart from that, Misa Amane had a younger brother who was killed with her parents as well.

However, in the manga, Misa had an elder sister named Asa Amane. She was a police officer and was mentioned in the manga shortly during her interview with Aiber.

Character Type Of Misa Amane:

Takeshi Obata created this character as a support system for Light so that his path of cleaning up society would become easy and Misa had all the positive characteristics. For example- being an extrovert, friendly, childish, hyperactive, affectionate, passionate about her loved ones, and most importantly impulsive.

She started killing criminals as the second Kira which caught Light’s eyes and he was very annoyed at first because of her recklessness. But soon he realized that using her fame as a model might be a huge help for Light to hide his true identity as Kira.

Misa was madly in love with Light and to the extent that, she ended her own life after his death. She was ready to commit any crime if Light ordered her to do so. She was stubborn from time to time and never listened to Rem even if she tried to help Misa.

Did Misa Have Any Powers?

Misa had two powers. Her powers were killing people using the Death Note and seeing a person’s real name. She received the powers from two death Gods from the Shinigami world. One of them was Gelus and another was Rem.

Shinigami Gelus saved Misa from her stalker who wanted to kill her but died after that. Rem gave Gelus’s Death Note to Misa and the lifespan of Gelus. After that, Light killed Misa’s parent’s murderer, she exchanged half of her lifespan with Rem to get the power of Shinigami’s eyes. 


In the Death Note world, where everyone is a fan of Light and L’s intelligence, I think Misa played a pivotal role behind Light’s success. Otherwise, it could be hard for Light to operate such large-scale crimes to fulfill his desire of killing the world.

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