Mikasa Kills Eren On Attack On Titan?

The most heartbreaking season of this animation series Attack On Titan is season 4. If you have watched this season, then undoubtedly you are confused about the main twist of this season Mikasa kills Eren. 

Come on, this article will be very helpful for you to clear your mind about why Mikasa killed Eren Yeager. Mikasa killed Eren on the battlefield by cutting Eren’s head. Surprisingly, Eren wanted to die to save his friends. Eren was the true example of humanity.  

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Mikasa Kills Eren On Attack On Titan?

Mikasa Kills Eren 

In this anime and manga series, the relationship between Mikasa Ackerman and Eren Yeager was very mysterious. Also, it’s hard to understand the reason for Eren’s death. 

Come on, don’t be upset, let’s explore together with some great patience. 

Who Was Mikasa

Mikasa Ackerman was the most talented soldier in this series. In fact, she was an officer of the 104th Training Corps. Not only that, but she was also the best soldier in the Training Corps. 

Mikasa was a prominent member of the Survey Corps. Hence, she was very warm-hearted. She always tried to save people from Titans. 

Eren Yeager’s Titan form 

Eren Yeager’s Titan form was very dangerous. His physical structure was changed when he became a Titan. His height was 15 m in his Titan form. 

At that time, he was a large man. He had deep sunken eyes as well as a curved nose. And Also, his appearance was similar to a regular Titan. 

How Did Eren Know Mikasa 

Eren had known Mikasa Ackerman since his childhood. They were very good childhood friends. Once, Eren Yeager saved Mikasa Ackerman’s life from three robbers. 

After that, Eren accepted Mikasa Ackerman into his home. After Mikasa’s parents left, Eren Yeager was her only family. Eren was very conscious of Mikasa. In fact, he always tried hard to save Mikasa from any dangerous situation. 

What Was The Relationship Between Them? 

The relationship between Eren Yeager and Mikasa Ackerman was not blood-related. Rather Eren always had a special feeling for Mikasa from the day they first met. 

Mikasa Ackerman and Eren Yeager loved each other forever. They had liked each other since they were younger. Eren never expressed his feelings to Mikasa properly. But he always illustrated his feelings.

Eren Yeager always took Mikasa’s side. In truth, Eren had a great source of strength for Mikasa. Also, he was the strongest protector for Mikasa. He never left Mikasa. Because he thought Mikasa fell into danger if he was not there. 

Why Did Eren Yeager Become A Titan? 

Eren Yeager had a curse of Ymir. When Eren lived in Shiganshina District, a disaster destroyed everything, which was the fall of wall Maria. Subsequently, numerous Titans entered the human world. 

Titan destroyed Eren Yeager’s house. In fact, a female Titan ate Eren’s mother. After this incident, Eren’s father came to his house. Eren’s father had the power to attack Titan, founding Titan, and so on. As a result, Eren was the inheritor of Titan’s power. 

His father helped him by turning into a Titan form. For this, Eren became the strongest talented Titan. He changed himself into a Titan due to saving people from other Titans. 

How Mikasa Ackerman killed Eren Yeager 

Mikasa Ackerman killed Eren Yeager on the battlefield. This was the Mission of the Special Operations Squad. In this mission, Mikasa was in charge of killing Eren Yeager. 

On the battlefield, Mikasa went to separate Eren’s mouth to kill Eren Yeager Titan form. As a result, Mikasa decapitated him. After that, Eren died on the battlefield. 

Why Did Eren Sacrifice Himself? 

When he transformed himself into a Titan, he noticed that his friends had died. This was the most painful incident for him. 

Then, he realized it was good if he would die. Also, his lover Mikasa Ackerman was in danger because of his Titan form. He wanted to free Mikasa Ackerman. 


Mikasa kills Eren, which was the saddest story in this series, Attack On Titan. But Eren Yeager’s humanity amazed everyone. For a moment, he did not think about himself. 

In his whole life, he tried to save people. As a result, Eren sacrificed his life at the end of this series.

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