Mikasa Ackerman Death On Attack On Titan

Each character came as a surprise in the manga and animation series Attack on Titan. And the most prominent character in this series was Mikasa Ackerman. The fans of Mikasa Ackerman are very crazy for knowing about the death story of Mikasa. 

The death of Mikasa Ackerman was very mysterious. So, in this article, we will investigate the true facts about  Mikasa Ackerman death. 

Mikasa Ackerman died when she was old. She was a human in this anime. As a result, she would die in her old age and it would happen after decades of a certain time in Attack On Titan.  

Mikasa Ackerman Death

Mikasa Ackerman Death

Mikasa Ackerman was the greatest soldier in this series. This manga and anime series revealed some interesting news about Mikasa Ackerman’s death. Her death was very peculiar. 

Be in touch with us to know some interesting facts about Mikasa’s death. Let’s start. 

Who was Mikasa 

Mikasa was the 2nd protagonist in this anime as well as the manga series. In her childhood life, she was very cheerful. She always loved to live a peaceful life. 

A sad incident changed Mikasa’s life and made her strong, which was her parents’ death. After that, she was determined to serve humanity. For this, she joined the 104th Training Corps. 

Moreover, she was a member of Alpha Squad. Alpha Squad was a team that was built for defeating Eren Yeager. In addition, she was a member of the Special Operations squad. 

Mikasa’s appearance 

Mikasa Ackerman was the tallest girl. She belonged to Asian heritage. The color of her eyes was gray and she had black hair. 

Mikasa had a tattoo that indicated the Azumabito family. She wore the Survey Corps uniform. When her duty was off, she wore a casual dress. 

Voice of Mikasa Ackerman

The most talented voice actors Yui Ishikawa as well as Trina Nishimura gave their voice to Mikasa. Yui Ishikawa was the Japanese voice actor for Mikasa. 

And Trina Nishimura worked as an English voice actor in the English dub of this anime series. Their marvelous voice made this character Mikasa Ackerman live. In fact, they worked hard to make this character realistic. 

Was Mikasa evil?

Mikasa Ackerman was not evil in this anime and manga series. She did everything to save humans from Titan. In her whole life, she showed great humanity. 

In fact, she sacrificed her love, Eren Yeager, for humanity. After her parents’ death, she was dictated to serve humans. 

How did Mikasa Ackerman die?

Mikasa Ackerman killed lots of Titans, around sixteen. In fact, she killed Eren Yeager who transformed into a Titan. Mikasa was fully human. She could not transform herself into a Titan. 

She was a very talented soldier. In addition, she had numerous abilities as well as powers which were super strength, vertical maneuvering equipment, awakened power, and so on. 

As a result, nobody could kill her. She was alive in this manga and anime series. In this series, she would die in her old age as a normal human. 

Surprisingly, she died after a certain decade in this anime series. Luckily, she would find a family as well as an unnamed husband. 

Did Mikasa Want to Die? 

Mikasa did not want to die in this anime and manga series. Though she was attacked several times, she did not die. 

When Mikasa was a child, she was kidnapped by the three robbers. Those robbers killed Mikasa’s parents. At that time, Mikasa was nine years old. The robbers tied Mikasa very well. 

Meanwhile, Eren Yeager saved her life. He untied Mikasa. And also, Eren saved Mikasa’s life. 


In a nutshell, the most beautiful girl in this anime and manga series Attack On Titan was Mikasa Ackerman. You can say, Mikasa was beautiful with a brain. And also, she was a great example of humanity. 

I hope you have read this article on Mikasa Ackerman death with some great pleasure. The character Mikasa Ackerman taught a great humanity lesson to her fans. 

Always be in touch with us to know more untold stories about this brilliant girl Mikasa Ackerman. Before that, lead a healthy life. 

Also, thank you for reading! 

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