Mikasa Ackerman Birthday On Attack On Titan

What character is your favorite in the anime series Attack On Titan? If I’m not wrong, then you like Mikasa Ackerman, right? Mikasa Ackerman is also my favorite. Surprisingly, you may want to know about Mikasa Ackerman birthday. 

The most amazing character in this anime and manga series was Mikasa Ackerman. And Mikasa’s birthday was on 10th February. In fact, Mikasa was 15 years old in this series. 

Mikasa Ackerman Birthday On Attack On Titan

Mikasa  Ackerman birthday 

You will be able to know some mysterious facts about Mikasa such as Mikasa’s age, childhood life, and so on throughout this article. 

For this, stay connected with us until the end of this discussion. So, let’s begin. 

Who was Mikasa Ackerman 

Mikasa Ackerman was the 2nd main protagonist in this anime as well as the manga series. She wanted to be the best soldier in the 104th Training Corps. As a result, she joined the military.

Mikasa was a crucial member of Survey Crops. In addition, she achieved the top position of 104th Training Corps. 

How old was Mikasa Ackerman

By the year 850, Mikasa Ackerman was 15 years old. At that age, Mikasa was a very young girl. Mikasa used to celebrate her birthday on 10th February. She was very tall as well as a beautiful girl. Her skin type was pale and she had gray eyes. 

Mikasa’s height was 170 cm or 5 feet 5 inches. The weight of Mikasa was 68 kg in the year 850 of this tv series. In the year 854, she was around 70 kg. 

Mikasa Ackerman’s childhood life 

Mikasa was a very humble, cheerful, outgoing as well as gentle child in her childhood. She belonged to a Yeager family. When she lived with her parents, she was the happiest girl. She loved her parents so much. 

Sadly, Human Traffickers killed Mikasa’s parents. Then, they kidnapped Misaka Ackerman. After her parents’ death, Mikasa struggled a lot. 

Mikasa’s willpower was very strong. She had a soft corner for children. And also, Mikasa always cared deeply for her friend as well as caretakers. By heart, she was very warm-hearted. 


The deuteragonist character Mikasa Ackerman illustrated his role successfully. Moreover, she was the iconic character of the world-famous tv series Attack On Titan

A  lot of unknown information about Mikasa has come out while discussing Mikasa Ackerman birthday. You might enjoy this article. 

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