Light Yagami Voice Actor

From the very beginning of releasing Death Note as an animation series, it has gained huge popularity within a very short time. And among all the characters, the character of Light Yagami was very popular in this manga series.

Those who have watched the previous series of Death Note definitely knew very well about Light Yagami. 

In this original manga series, Light Yagami’s voice actor was Mamoru Miyano. In the English version, Brad Swaile gave the voice for that character.

For knowing the voice actors of Light Yagami, be in touch with us. 

Light Yagami Voice Actor

Light Yagami Voice Actor 

In the Death Note series, Light Yagami was the leading character. Light was very straightforward. He had a great virtue of humanity. 

To match this character, the director chose Mamoru Miyano, for his marvelous voice. 

This manga series gained huge popularity for the character of Light. The voice actors gave their best efforts to sync with the actions and character of Light as well.

Light Yagami Voice Actor For The Japanese Series 

Mamoru Miyano tried very hard to make the voice of Light Yagami live. He is also a famous Japanese voice actor. 

Moreover, he is an actor and a singer. Miyano gave his voice over 247 images of the character as well as listened to 9 clips.

For his marvelous voice, the character of Light Yagami grew countless fans. He got two awards for his performance in the manga series Death Note. The name of his awards was ‘Best Lead Actor’ and ‘Best New Actor’.

Light Yagami Voice Actor Mamoru Miyano

Light Yagami Voice Actor For The English Version

This animation series Death Note was also dubbed into English. As an English voice artist, Brad Swaile was the best choice for giving voice to Light Yagami’s character. 

Swaile’s staggering voice matched this character’s default behavior as well as nature. His voice also helped to make this character a more realistic one.

Brad Swaile is a Canadian voice actor and he gave his voice over 101 images of the character as well as listened to 24 clips. 

Light Yagami Voice Actor Brad Swaile


To conclude, the voice artist of a character is very important to make this character versatile. The voice of a character creates a feeling toward the audience.

Mamoru Miyano and Brad Swaile played a vital role as Light Yagami voice actors. You will enjoy this series very much because of these amazing voice actors.  

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