Light Yagami Height

What character is your favorite in the animation series Death Note? If I am not wrong, you are maybe the biggest fan of Light Yagami. And you are surely excited to know about Light Yagami’s height. 

Light Yagami height was 179 cm or 5 feet 10 inches. Do you want to know more interesting facts about Light Yagami along with his height? 

Then, let’s dig into this content to explore some interesting things about Light’s height. 

Light Yagami Height

Light Yagami 

Light Yagami was a dexterous character in this animation series. Hence, Light was the main protagonist of this series. He was the most intelligent as well as a talented boy in his school. 

The Tallest Character In Death Note 

The tallest character in Death Note was Anthony Rester. His height was 193 cm, almost 6 feet 3.98 inches.

He was taller than Light Yagami. Moreover, he was taller than all the characters in this manga series. 

Light Yagami Height 

Light Yagami was neither so tall nor short in this anime series. He was 179 cm at the age of 21. Hence, if you convert cm into inch then, Light Yagami was 5 feet 10 inches. 

Moreover, his height was average. Also, Light got this height when he was a third-year high school student in 12 grade. 

Light Yagami’s Height compared to his Look

Light Yagami’s height compared to his look was attractive. He was the modest boy in his town. 

His height is perfect with his looks. However, he had an innocent face in this anime series. 

Light Yagami Height When He Was Shinigami 

Light became shinigami in his afterlife. He looked horrible when he was shinigami. His eyes were red. In his shinigami life, he seemed the tallest in this Death Note anime series. 

No one can imagine his height when light transferred to a new shinigami. At that time, Light was unbeatable, undetectable, unbiased, and so on. In his shinigami life, he could catch or kill high professional criminals easily for his remarkable height. 


I hope you gathered some interesting knowledge about the height of Light Yagami. Definitely, I must say, when Light became a new shinigami, his height was just unbelievable. 

In this manga and anime series, Light Yagami height was attractive and it was remarkable when he got a new shinigami life. 

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