Light Yagami Birthday

If someone tells you, which character is your favorite in this Death Note animation series? What will be your answer then? I have been watching this series since I was a child. And if I mention my favorite character, then I must say it is none other than  Light Yagami was. 

Light Yagami’s birthday was on 28 February. This day is very special for all of Light’s fans. That’s because the character of light made this anime interesting.  

Now, I’m telling you some amazing facts about Light’s birthday. So, let’s start. 

Light Yagami Birthday

Light Yagami

Light Yagami was the leading character in the Death Note series. He was the great gospeler of this anime series. Light became shinigami in his afterlife, though it ruined his life. 

But he wanted to protect all humans from dangerous criminals. For this reason, he sacrificed his beautiful life. Also, he had a strong morality. Moreover, he never forgot his humanity after getting numerous superpowers and magical powers. 

Light Yagami Birthday 

Light Yagami was born on 28 February 1986. His birthplace was in Tokyo. Hence, Light was 21 years old in this anime series. His zodiac sign was Pisces. 

The day, when he was born, was very memorable for him. The name of his father was Soichiro Yagami and mother was Sachiko Yagami. 

How Was Light Yagami As A Child 

This animation series did not provide so much information about how Light Yagami was as a child. But I guess, Light was the dearest, adorable and beautiful boy in his family.  Everybody loved him a lot. 

Light Yagami’s Childhood Life 

Light was a very talented boy during his childhood. Hence, he learned so many moral things from his parents. Humanity was one of them. From his childhood, he got a lesson about humanity. For this reason, he became a shinigami. 

In school, Light was a brilliant student in his class. He was the class topper. Hence, he carried this position till grade 12. Every teacher in his school knew him very well. Also, they loved him a lot as one of the brilliant students of their high school. 

Light Yagami had been very polite since his childhood. He was a gentleman indeed. 


To conclude, Light was a gifted boy of god. Serving humanity was his destination. 

I hope as a fan of Light Yagami, you will be happy after knowing Light Yagami birthday, which was 28 February. Surprisingly, you have already got to know his Zodiac sign also. 

Stay with us for knowing more things about Light Yagami.

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