Light Yagami Age

If you have already watched Death Note, then you must be a great fan of Light Yagami. Hence, you may be eagerly want to know the age of Light Yagami. 

Unfortunately, both the character of Suzuki Sataru from the overlord series and Light Yagami were at the same age, teenage boys. I will not make you confused about the age of Light Yagami. In this anime series, the age of Light Yagami was 21.

In this article, I am going to clarify the Light Yagami Age

Let’s dig into this content deeply for knowing about the Light Yagami age as well as his birth date. 

Light Yagami Age

Light Yagami

Light Yagami was the great gospeler in the series of Death Note. In Death Note, Light became shinigami. 

After all, he was the supernatural, unbeatable, undetectable, unbiased inhuman which made this character interesting. 

Light Yagami Birth Date 

Light Yagami was born on February 28 in 1986. He was born in Tokyo city. In Tokyo, he lived with his family. 

Hence, he was the son of Soichiro Yagami. His father was the head of the national police agency. Moreover, his mother was Sachiko Yagami. She was a housewife. 

Light Yagami Age 

This animation series (Death Note)  was released on August 1  in 2006. Hence, Light’s birth year was 1986 in this anime series. So, Light Yagami’s age was 21. He was the teen genius character in Death Note.

Moreover, he was the most intelligent, talented as well as modest boy at that time compared to his age. At the age of 21, he was a high schoolboy. In his school, he was the class topper. He prospered from his teenage life very well. 

The Magical Things He Did When He Was 21 

When he was 21, he got a Death Notebook. At that time, he was very afraid after getting this book. However, he was the bravest boy in his town. 

He jumped himself on many dangerous tasks to know everything about that book. Surprisingly, he did numerous things at the age of 21. 


In a nutshell, Light Yagami was an extraordinary boy. At the age of 21, he had unbelievable supernatural power. For this supernatural power, his fans eagerly want to know his age. 

In the manga series, the Light Yagami age was just a number. His age was not affected by his dexterous character. 

Stay with us for knowing more unrevealed things about Light Yagami. 

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