Land Of The Lustrous Season 2 Release Date

There is no certain release date for Land Of The Lustrous season 2 yet. But you will be happy after knowing that the Land of the Lustrous season 2 release date can be any time in 2023. Also, season 2 of Land of the Lustrous needs to be confirmed officially. 

The series is familiar with the name Hoseki no Kuni. It is the Japanese name of the series. Basically, it is a fantastic action drama series. 

Remain connected with us to explore the amazing facts that will happen in season 2 of Land of the Lustrous. 

Land Of The Lustrous Season 2 Release Date

Land of the Lustrous Season 2 Release Date

Supricesing, the worldwide audience of the series wants season 2 of the series.  As a result, the community of the series will soon declare the exact date of Land of the Lustrous season 2. 

Without any doubt, the story of season 2 will be fantastic. As a consequence, you may want to know the estimated story of season 2 of the series. 

Moreover, you will know everything throughout the article about the series of Land of the Lustrous. So, without any delay, let’s start the article. 

How many volumes have Land of the Lustrous

The source of the series is manga. As a result, it has only manga volumes. The manga volume of the series is 12. 

But volume 12 has not come yet. In addition, the release date of volume 12 is August 22, 2023. So, it is expected that you will see the 12 volumes in season 2 of Land of the Lustrous.  

A brief look at Land of the Lustrous

Land of the Lustrous is a manga series. The origin of the manga series is Japan. The series has continued since October 25, 2012. 

Unfortunately, the series has not so many versions. As a consequence, it has no light novel version. In fact, it has 2 versions only which are manga and anime television series. 

The anime television series was released in 2017 and it is a long time ago. 

The background of Land of the Lustrous

The writer of the series is Haruko Ichikawa. Also, he is the illustrator of the series. In Japan, it is published by Kodansha. 

It has English dubbed. The name of its English publisher is Kodansha Comics. Besides, Seinen is the demographic of the series. 

The character and cast of Land of the Lustrous season 1 

Character Voice Actor
PhosphoCphylliteTomoyo Kurosawa
AlexandriteRie Kugimiya
AntarcticiteMariya Lse
CinnabarMikako Kamatsu
Kongou-SenseiJouji Nakata
DiamondAi Kayano

Land Of The Lustrous Game season 1 release date 

Land of the Lustrous was released on October 7, 2017. In 2017, the series was completely uploaded. As a result, the last aired date of the series is December 23, 2017. 

Season 1 of Land of the Lustrous has a total of 12 episodes. 

What happened in the first portion of season 1

A non-human entity which was gemstone life was called Lustrous in the series. Lunarians wanted to take jewelry from the moon. For this, Lustrous fought with the Lunaries. 

The name of Lustrous’s king was Kongo. He wanted to gather Phos. It was a weaker jewel. Besides, Cinnabar was a Lustrous. The body of Cinnabar contains poison. 

Cinnabar could save Phos. Phos and Cinnabar moved according to their wish.

Phos wanted to discuss with Diamond about the encyclopedia when Lunarians came. When Lunarians came to attack, Diamond came with weapons. Then, Lustrous saved them. 

Moreover, when the Diamond Laments couldn’t go into a safe zone, Bort was angry with them. In addition, when Bort fought with Lunarians, Diamond followed them. 

Phos was a gigantic snail thing. In fact, Diamond got a weak point into Phos’s shell. Bort wanted to kill it. Also, Diamond wanted to make Phos normal because it was converted into a slow creature. 

But Cinnabar said that Phos was not a slug. Diamond wanted to protect Phos. On the other hand, Lustrous recreated Phos. 

Kongo told Phos about Cinnabar. After listening to Ventricosus, Phos went to the sea. In the sea, Ventricosus converted into a Humanoid. There, Ventricosus spoke about human activities in the world. 

After some time, Phos understood that Ventricosus wanted to transfer Phos to Lunarians. After that, Lunarians exchanged them for Aculeatus. 

After getting Phos, Lunarians wanted more Lustrous from her. In addition, Aculeatus wanted to defeat the Lunarians by using Phos. At that time, Ventricosus told Aculeatus to give Phos to anyone. 

Surprisingly, Phos got legs from Agate. As a result, they could run at speed in the battle.

What was the story of the middle  part of season 1

In episode 6, Yellow Diamond revealed that Phos fell into a problem managing their new legs. Kongo assigned Phos to a new task. So, they joined Amethyst 84 and 33. 

On the 3rd day, the Lunarians came. Then, Kongo and others came to kill them. 

In episode 7, Lustrous went to face winter hibernation. At that time, Phos could not sleep. Then, they merge with Antarctictie. In the winter time, Antarctictie protected Phos. 

Then, Phos listened to the voice of ice floes. Kongo told Antarctictie to go to Chord Shore when Antarctictie could find the arms of Phos. Phos got gold arms as a replacement. 

When Lunarian came to fight with Kongo, then Antarctictie went to fight with Lunarian. Phos used their gold arm as a weapon when it changed. It stopped Lunarians. 

In the fight, Phos lost enough Antarctictie. When winter finished and spring came, another Lustrous awoke. At that time, Phos forgot about the Cinnabar. 

What was the story of the last part of season 1

In episode 10, Phos had a new style of fighting skill. For this, Bort wanted them to be their partner. They wanted to give the Diamond’s place to them in their group. 

After some days, a new giant Lunarian came to fight with them. Bort and Phos stood up in their position. Diamond thought that they should not depend on Bort. So, they fought with the Lunarians. 

The limb of diamond divided Lunarians. After this, they became 2 Lunarians. 

Lunarians always sliced Lustrous. Also, Phos thought about the bonding between Phos and Shiro. Cinnabar came to Shiro’s piece. At that time, they noticed that Kongo had a secret relationship with Lunarians. 

Rutile wanted to restore Padparadscha. Phos helped them. In addition, Lustrous loved to sleep in their own holes. 

In episode 12, Padparadscha gave mysterious advice to Phos for talking with Lunarians. After that, Phos came to know about Alexandrite. 

Phos questioned Lunarians when they came. But Cinnabar wanted to ruin them. Moreover, Cinnabar wanted a job. 

On the other hand, Phos wanted to know the true relationship between Kongo and LUnarians. 

How you can understand that season 2 will come 

To understand if season 2 of Land of the Lustrous weather comes or not, you have to look forward to some things. For this, you have to see the profit ratio of the series from the previous season. 

If they gain enough profit from the previous season, then they will think about releasing the next season. In fact, the series, Land of the Lustrous, had gained enough money from season 1. 

As a result, they will come with season 2 soon. Moreover, the fans of the series await for the next season. 

It is sure that season 2 of Land of the Lustrous will surely come. 

What will be the estimate story of season 2?

It is difficult to assume the estimated story of the season 2 of Land of the Lustrous. But, after watching season 1, it is easy to assume some things will happen in season 2. 

Season 2 will continue the humanoid gem creatures story. You will see the fight between the Phos and Lunarians. In addition, season 2 will reveal the true relationship between Lustrous and Lunaians. 

Besides, Kongo will reveal their true intentions. You will see the new forms of Diamonds, Bort, and Cinnabar. 

Furthermore, Lunarians will come up with a new issue for fighting. In addition, Euclase, Alexandrite, Periot, Antarcticite, Sphene, and Obsidian will be present in season 2. Also, you will see the new characters. 

The profitability and popularity of Land of the Lustrous

The Land of the Lustrous has 6000 copies per disk Blu-Ray in 2017. It is a great number for the series. 

Volume 10 of Land of the Lustrous has a total of 125000 copies. Besides, volume 11 of the series has approximately 110000 copies. As a result, the volumes of the series are very famous. 

In print, the series had sold a total of 1400000 copies. So, the series is quite famous in the animation world. 

How many merchandises are in the series? 

If you want to know about the merchandise of the series, then it has a total of 400 pieces merchandises. 400 pieces of merchandise is a great number which made the series popular. 

Besides the merchandise, it has around 40 figurines. Also, the number of its figurines is well. 

Will season 2 of Land of the Lustrous Popular?

Season 2 of the Land of the Lustrous will surely be popular because of its unique storyline. Moreover, the story of season 2 will come with very fantastic action elements.  

You will be able to see speculative fiction in the season. It is hoped that season 2 of the series will gain more popularity. 

Basically, the series is famous worldwide. Because it has no similarity with the story of other anime series. It will show you the different dimensions of a planet with the different elements. 

Social media popularity Land of the Lustrous

Land of the Lustrous has every social account. It keeps its facebook name in a Japanese language which is Houseki no Kuni. In addition, the facebook account of the series has 6,616 followers and 6,406 likes. 

The Instagrame name of the series is housekinokunii which contains 6,620 followers. In addition, the name of its Twitter account is Houseki no Kuni Art. it contains 1,895 followers. 

Though the social media of the series has gained less followers. But you will get all the update news through Land of the Lustrous social accounts. 





Land of the Lustrous has a massive amount of viewers. Furthermore, they recommend the series highly. Whoever watches the series, he/she has become a fan of the series. 

The rating of Land of the Lustrous on IMDb is 7.9 out of 10. In fact, the top-rated episodes of season 1 are episode 10 and episode 8. Overall, those 2 episodes of season 1 have gained a 9.1 rating out of 10. 

On MyAnimeList, the series gets an 8.4 rating out of 10 from 178,479 viewers.  


To conclude, for the massive worldwide fans of the series, Land of the Lustrous season 2 release date will be confirmed soon. If you are lucky enough, then you will get season 2 of the series this year. 

You may watch season 2 of the series on Netflix or other television channels. So, keep your eyes on the website or social accounts of the series so that you can know the release date earlier. 

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