Konosuba Season 3 Release Date: Is It Confirmed

The most fantastic series Konosuba season 3 release date will be any time in 2023. You can start the countdown for season 3. Actually, the date is not officially confirmed by the animation portal. 

Konosuba season 3 is now on the animation production house. Season 3 can be released as soon as possible.  

So, keep your eyes on the article to know about the more exciting things about season 3 of Konosuba. 

Konosuba Season 3 Release Date

Konosuba season 3 release date

It is sure that you can get season 3 of Konosuba in 2023. For this, you should prepare yourself to enjoy the series very well! 

Konosuba has taken a huge time to release the new season of the series. So, this year will be the season 3 release year. 

If you want to understand the story of the series very well, then let’s start to read the article without any delay. 

How many volumes have Konosuba

The Nobel series of the Konosuba series has a total of 6 volumes. In fact, the anime series Konosuba has a total of 11 volumes. 

Besides, the Light Novel series has around 17 volumes. The list of volumes is On! My Useless Goddess; Love, Witch, and other Delusion; You’re Being Summoned, Darkness; You Good-for-Nothing Quartet; Let’s Go, Crimson Magic of Explosion! And etc. 

A quick look at Konosuba 

The genre of the anime series Konosuba was Isekai. For this, you will see the science fiction in the series. In addition, the series is a fantastic comedy series. 

It is a Japanese light novel series. Moreover, the series has several versions such as manga, anime series, novel, light vowel, etc. 

Konosuba has a total of 2 seasons. The novel series of Konosuba ran from the 2021. 

If you want to play the series as a video game, then you can. Because the series has a video game version! 

Background of Konosuba

Natsume Akatsuki is the writer of the series. The illustrator of the series is Kurone Mishima. In fact, the series has English dubbed. Yen Press is the English publisher of the series. 

In Japan, the series was published by Shosetsuka Ni Naro. The demographer of the light novel was Male. 

The main protagonist of the series was Kazuma Sato. Basically, the series focused on him. Moreover, the producer of the anime television series was Studio Deen. 

Character and cast 


Japanese cast 

English  cast 

Kazuma Satō

 Ryōta Ōsaka 

 Arnie Pantoja


 Sora Amamiya

Faye Mata


 Rie Takahashi

 Erica Mendez 


 Ai Kayano

 Cristina Vee 


 Hiroki Yasumoto

 Hiroki Yasumoto


Masakazu Nishida

 Robbie Daymond


 Kenjiro Tsuda

 Kenjiro Tsuda


 Akeno Watanabe 

Carrie Keranen 

Konosuba Season 3 Release Date

Konosuba season 1 release date

Konosuba season 1 first released on January 13 in 2016. Additionally, the last release date of Konosuba was on March 16 in 2016. 

The total number of episodes of the series is around 10. 

What happened in the first portion of season 1 

In the first episode, Kazuma Sato died of a heart attack when he went to save a girl from a high-speed moving tractor. After that, he was welcomed in his afterlife by the god named Aqua. 

Aqua sent him into another world to win the battle against the devil’s kingdom. But, Aqua couldn’t return from the world without defeating the king. 

There, Kazuma joined an adventure class. Besides, Aqua joined as an Archpriest. In the 2nd episode, they struggled very hard to lose the monster frogs. In that episode, they were looking for members to create a group. 

Chris taught Kazuma stealing skills. After some while, the town gathered to defeat a monster from the cabbage harvest field. At that moment, Darkness showed her abilities. She was a self-indulgent person. 

Kazuma with Megumin, when she practiced her magic skill. At that time, the king’s members were close to them. On the other hand, Verdia gave a death curse to Darkness. Verdia said that Megumin came to the castle to save Darkness. 

In reality, Aqua took out the curse from Darkness. In episode 5, Aqua took on the task to fill a lake with the alligator monster. After doing this, she left immediately. 

Moreover, Axel took another Aqua who was from the human world. Besides, Kazuma got a duel challenge from Kyouya. In that challenge, Kyouya was defeated. Because Kazuma stole his weapon. 

What happened in the last part of season 1 

In episode 6, Verdia was in a war against Darkness. Kazuma was very weak in front of the water. So, Aqua came to help her. As a result, she attacked Verdia with the flood. 

As an expert of seating, Kazuma stole Verdia’s head. At that moment, Aqua defeated Verdia. In fact, they got an award for defeating Verdia. 

Kazuma and his group were given a task to kill the Snow Sprites. But the greatest winter Shogun killed him. Then, the god Eris could send him to the human world but Aqua brought Kazuma again.

In episode 8, Kazuma and Aqua went to a magic shop. The owner of the magic shop was Wiz, who was a king’s member. Indeed, he was a guard of the castle. Kazuma learned the Drain abilities from him. 

In the next episode, Kazuma, Keith, and Dust went to a shop. The owner of the shop was Succubi. They had a great crab meal there. When Aqua wanted to go to Succubi’s dream, Aqua fell into a trap. 

At that time, Kazuma helped Succubi escape. At the end of the episode, Kazuma was arrested and the Nobel’s mansion was damaged. 

In the last episode, Kazuma took a choker to fulfill the wish. If he didn’t fulfill the wish, then he would die in 4 days. Some girls wanted to help Kazuma. On the 3rd night, Yunyun wanted to know why Megumin wanted to save Kazuma. 

After that, Megumin explained why she wished to help Kazuma to Yunyun. The choker was ruined which they did not know. After some time, the girls took revenge against Kazuma because of their anger toward Kazuma.  

Konosuba season 2 release date

Season 3 of Konosuba has around 10 episodes. Every episode is built up with a great story. 

The season was released from January 12 to March 17 in 2017. 

What was the story of season 2 

In the 1st episode of season  2, they didn’t find any help from their friends. As a result, Kazuma was arrested in the noble’s mansion.  Kazuma was blamed for having a connection with the Devil king. Because he had a good relationship with Wiz. 

Later, Kazuma proved himself. Besides, Darkness told her inheritance to a Dustiness family. They got a task to repair the mansion. 

In the next episode, Darkness went to negotiation with Alderp but she didn’t come. On the other hand, Megumin got a cat. When they got a task from Sena, Yunyun saved them. 

Kazuma and Aqua wanted to earn money. So, they went to Keel’s Dungeon. The master of the Dungeon was Keele. After giving him rest and meeting with his late wife, they got his treasure. 

In episode 4, Darkness wanted to marry Alder’s son. But Kazuma and others didn’t agree with this. As a result, the episode ends with a duel fight with Kazuma and Darkness. 

In the next episode, the doll’s monster suddenly came and was sent by the Devil’s king. Vanir, who could read other minds, possessed Darkness completely. Kazuma stole his mask. As a consequence, Vanir could not take revenge on Aqua. 

After that, Kazuma realized that Vanir had a different life. In that episode, Kazuma didn’t come out from under but two girls threw Kazuma and Kotatsu from the window. 

Kazuma and his group wanted to remove a group of Lizard runners. But they failed. In episode 7, Vanir offered Kazuma two choices for making money. However, Kazuma didn’t want to make wealth because he wanted to concentrate on the adventure. 

Kazuma and his group pulled Kite Hawks into a cave. Also, Aqua fought with Zombies. Axis wanted to take Kazuma and Darkness to his home. 

In episode 19, Aqua went to a town to see how people worshiped her as a god. In contrast, people didn’t believe her. They thought that she was the king’s member. 

In the last episode, one gang who was the Devil’s army revealed that the town’s water was poisoned. When Aqua tried to purify the water, Wiz faced Hans. After resolving everything, they were thrown out of the town. 

What will be the estimated story of Konosuba season 3

Kazuma will remain the main protagonist of season 3 of Konosuba. Season 3 will come with numerous challenges and difficulties for the Kazuma, Aqua and their group. 

Kazuma and Aqua will successfully go forward to fulfill their dreams. They will make their adventure more fantastic. Hence, they will defeat the upcoming monster and powerful king’s army. 

After that, they will enter the Devil’s castle. In that time, they may face numerous troubles to clear their path. For this, they have to defeat the powerful king’s general. 

They will eagerly want to kill the Devil king to fulfill their adventure. Once they kill the king, then they will return to their position. As a result, Aqua will go to heaven. On the other hand, Kazuma will go to reincarnation or heaven.

You may meet with the other goddess in season 3 of Konosuba. 

The popularity and profitability of Konosuba

The Konosuba series has been popular since the 2016 year. In print, the series has a total of 1.5 million copies which is around 11 volumes. Surprisingly, every volume sells 136, 000 copies which is huge. 

The series Konosuba has won several types of awards for anime TV series. It received Bookwalker’s 2016 Grand Prix Award. In 2016, it was the 10th best TV series position. In addition, it was everyone’s favorite TV series for decades. 

Moreover, For the Light novel, it has 6.5 million copies. 

How will you understand that Konosuba season 3 will come? 

The story of Konosuba seasons 1 and 2 was fantastic. It is a very well-known series. Besides, the series is commercially successful. As a result, it is the biggest reason that the series will release season 3 soon. 

Moreover, the series has a good recognition. Also, they will think about increasing their popularity more. So, it will come with season 3 for its fans. 

Will season 3 of Konosuba be popular?

Undoubtedly, season 3 of Konosuba will gain huge popularity. Because its previous season was very well known to everyone. 

Everyone knows very well that the story of season 3 will be fantastic. Season 3 will catch more people towards the series. It is expected that it will make the series more famous than previous ones. 

Because the main story remains incomplete which will be completed in season 3. 


The audience score of Konosuba is 89% out of 100% on the Rotten Tomatoes website. So, it is in a good position for its viewers. 

The IMBd rating for the series is 7.5 out of 10. Season 2 episode 10 and season 1 episode 10 are the top-rated episodes of Konosuba on the website. 

Social media popularity of Konosuba

Konosuba is quite popular on social media. It has a verified Facebook Page which is Konosuba: Fantastic Days. 48,412 people follow the Facebook Page. 

Also, it has a huge following on Instagram which is around 149k followers. The name of its Instagram is Konosuba. 

Amazingly, the Twitter page of Konosuba is more famous and contains 282.8k followers and the name is Konosuba. 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PlayKonoSuba/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/konosuba/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/konosuba_anime


The story of the series always teaches that everyone should always stand for the truth. In fact, everyone should erase the bad things from the world to make the world beautiful. 

As a result, the fans of Konosuba eagerly wait for the Konosuba season 3 release date. Because they will see the defected face of the Devil King which will be more exciting. 

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