Issei Hyoudou Voice Actor ?

Do you remember Issei Hyoudou, One of the most interesting characters in the animation world ever? Of course, you do. In fact,  if anyone has ever known about this character, it is not possible to forget him easily. 

Each of Issei Hyoudou voice actor had played a very vital role to make this character so realistic. Their amazing voice made this role so believable and that’s why audiences could feel this character as the real one.

In this writing, we are going to reveal these real men behind this volatility. Be with us till the end of this article.

Let’s dive into it.

Issei Hyoudou Voice Actor

Issei Hyoudous Voice Actor

Animation series or movies are based on imaginary characters. To make these fascinating and supernatural powerful characters real, only voice artists can do that magic. Their magical voices make each character memorable forever.

In Issei Hyoudous‘ case, several famous voice artists worked to make this hero remarkable.

Voice Actor For The English Version 

This High School Dxd franchise had several language-based animated versions. In the English version, one of the top voice artists named Scott Freeman worked.  He worked amazingly for this character. His work style was so good. 

Issei Hyoudou English Voice Actor Scott Freeman

For his great efficiency of work within a short time, he got opportunities with lots of big-budgeted animation projects. 

But there were some legal issues raised against this artist. From the previous notes, he was charged with child pornography and it was proved in court. 

That’s why, after his tragedy, Issei’s project was losse by him. He was thrown out from the high school franchise after the 2015th season. 

After removing Scott from the floor, Joss Grelle was placed. He worked in seasons 3 to 4 and did the right justice with this character which was admired by all.

Voice Actor For The Japanese Version 

Kaji Yuuki was the voice artist for the Japanese version of the high school Dxd franchise on Issei Hyoidou’s character. He worked from season1 to season 4 on this project. He was also a famous and award-winning voice artist. He also did his job admirably. Hopefully, we will be able to hear him in the upcoming new season as before.

Issei Hyoudou Japanese Voice Actor Kaji Yuuki

Voice Actor Of The German Version 

In the German version of this tv show, Issei’s voice was given by German voice artist Jeffrey Wipprecht. His performance was also eye-catchy like others.

Issei Hyoudou German Voice Actor Jeffrey Wipprecht


In a word, due to the hard-working performance of each voice artist, this show has already won the audience’s heart. In Particular, Issei Hyoudous’ voice actors did a mind-blowing job.

Each one had given their hundred percent with their best efforts to make this character truthful. 

Hopefully, a new season will be released as soon as possible and we will again enjoy this character with full of fun and excitement. We will be back soon with some new interesting character discussion as soon as we can.

Till then take care and be safe.

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