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Hello, anime-loving people! Hope you are enjoying this enormous winter so much. Today, we are here to make your time more enjoyable by talking about some interesting facts about Issei Hyoudous kids.

This new season of the High school Dxd franchise, is full of lots of entertainment. Since the first season has been out, lots of people have enjoyed each of Its seasons so much.

But due to the recent omicron pandemic, this new season’s release date has been delayed again. Still, we are waiting for this upcoming blast. 

In today’s writing, we are going to reveal something interesting about his different inherent kids belonging from different mothers.

Stay tuned. 

Issei Hyoudou Kids

Issei Hyoudous Kids

Issei hyoudous is the main protagonist of this animation, as we all know already about that. He was a school student and a member of the “perverted trio”.

He was also a member of the “Occult research club”. After having the evil dragon war, he was promoted as a high-class devil and became his own peerage’s king. At that time, he was too close to becoming a “harem king “.

After becoming a king of the harem, Issei had many intimate relationships with his several dream girls and had kids with them.

Kurenai Himejima

Kurenai was the eldest son of Issei and Akeno Himejima. He was inherited from the bloodline of his mother and grandfather Himejima abilities.

Ex Gremory

He was the second son of Issei but with another woman named Rias Granary. Ex had strong destruction power, two weapons, and artificial boosted gear from his mother. He was trained by both Vali and Kiba.

Zen Quarta

Zen was the son of Issei and Xenovia Quarta. He was also trained by Kiba as his sibling Ex. He was fascinated by technical training rather than using destruction.


Shirayuki was the daughter of Issei and kuroka. 

Airi Hyoudou

She was inherited from Issei and Asia Argento. She was a nature-based magician like his mother.

Shin Shidou

Shin was the son of Issei and Irina Shidou. He was blessed with his mothers’ spiritual power and two holy swords.

Robertina Hyoudou

The daughter of Issei and Ravel Phenex was named Robertina. She was the only one who loved and respected her father a lot.


Helmwige was the daughter of IsseI and Rossweisse.

Ernestine Galnstein and Le Frey Pendragon

Ernestine belongs to Issei and  Elmenhild but Le Fray’s inheritance is not revealed yet.

Ending vibes

High school Dxd is a very popular franchise to animation-loving people. Each of its new seasons has come to us with lots of excitement and is full of supernatural content. 

Undoubtedly, the facts on Issei Hyoudous’ kids have become more and more interesting every season.  In this upcoming High School Dxd Season 5, lots of his kid’s identities will be disclosed which will be most exciting to the audiences.

Hopefully, this pandemic will be recovered soon and the exact release date will be announced. Till then, be safe and maintain all the hygiene carefully.

Take care.

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