Issei Hyoudou Age

After releasing the first season of the High school Dxd franchise, it has become hype to almost every anime-loving person. Hence, the characters of this anime are a little bit different from others.

The main male protagonist of this anime is the most interesting cast ever. Issei Hyoudou age, nature, interesting love life, etc are the main attraction to the audience.

In today’s article, we are going to talk about this main lead character. For those who are not aware of this famous character yet, this writing is going to be a new experience for you.

Let’s get started.

Issei Hyoudou Age

Issei Hyoudou Age

Issei Hyoudou is the name of the main lead of the High school Dxd. He was a high school student. Issei’s age was 17. After getting promoted in the second year of the previous season, he was 18 as we have seen.

Issei Hyoudou was a perverted demon in nature. But he was kind-hearted. Though he loved many women, he was so humble and loved all of them. This may be because of his teenage nature.

A very teenager with some power inside of himself made him so much confident in himself. But despite all of these virtues, his perverted attitude was not in his control.

He was made of almost the maximum number of women in the academy. But the most impressive thing is he didn’t force any women untill they were willing to be with him happily.

He was always ready to protect them from any difficulties. For his women’s obsession, he became a proud member of the “ pervert trio” of Kouch Academy. 

According to the writer of this original Japanese light novel version, Issei was a very young demon with short brown hair, eyes, and an average height. 

Personally, he always put his nose to each one’s matters and tried to help them with their personal problems.

According to the end of the second volume, Issei’s left hand started to turn into a dragon. At volume 12, after performing some rituals, he has completely transformed into a demon. But this time, he has gained the ability to become both human and a demon as his wish.

Ending Vibes

As the main character, Issei Hyoudou’s age is a perfect match for the plot of this animation. With a rating of IMDB 7.6 out of 10, the high school dxd has become a must-watch anime series ever.

This 18+ adult anime series full of supernatural content along with all kinds of characters from hero to devil is enough to make your weekend special.

If you have not yet watched its previous seasons, do hurry and make a complete watch of them. That will surely make you obsessed for the upcoming high school Dxd season 5.

Happy watching!

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