Is Ryuk Evil [Death Note]

If you have watched the famous anime series Death Note, then what is your opinion about the character of Ryuk? Moreover, if I’m not wrong then you will get confused when you try to dig deep into the character of Ryuk. 

Penetrating into his diversified character, all of a sudden, you may think, is Ryuk evil?  Well, Ryuk was neither good nor bad. In this Death Note series, its actual motive of Ryuk was obscure.

Stay connected with us for knowing the real motive of Ryuk. So, let’s explore this.

Is Ryuk Evil

Who is Ryuk 

Ryuk was the shinigami in this manga series Death Note. Hence, he was the most talented shinigami in the shinigami world. Moreover, he looked horrible. His skin tone was blue-gray mixed. 

However, he had sharp spiky hair which made him ghastly. Also, he was very large and his eye was yellow to resemble a demon. 

The Preface of Ryuk Character

In Death Note, Ryuk was a fictional character. But without Ryok, Light could not be a shinigami. Ryuk dropped the Death Notebook in the human world. 

Hence, he chose Light for making the human world beautiful by erasing high professional criminals. However, he was responsible for Light’s death. 

Ryok wrote Light’s name into this Death Notebook. Indeed, he wanted the death of Light. Also, he motivated Light to become a shinigami. 

Is Ryuk Evil 

Ryuk was neither good nor evil. Hence, he was the natural character in this manga series. He just influenced Light to be a shinigami for making this earth beautiful. Moreover, he created this path for Light. 

Ryuk taught Light about every rule in the Death Notebook. Indeed, he explained the meaning of rules very beautifully to Light. 

Though a sentence was written in Death Notebook not to believe him but he did not act like a devil in this manga series. However, he just wanted to enjoy human fighting. But this did not make him evil. 

The Abilities of Ryuk 

Ryuk had numerous abilities which made him powerful. Hence, he knew the power of being a shinigami very well. 

Moreover, he was unbeatable, undetectable, and unbiased in this manga series. He was the strongest shinigami at that time. Also, no one could defeat him easily. 

What Did Ryuk Want 

Ryuk wanted Light’s death to fulfill his own motive. He felt very bored with his shinigami life. Hence, he wanted to find some twist in his life so that he could enjoy that moment. 

For this, he dropped the Death notebook. On the other hand, he took the Light side. But he did not help Light. 

Moreover, he just helped Light to understand the abilities of a shinigami. Also, he liked Light very much because Light was very talented as well as brilliant. That was why he chose Light. 


To conclude, Ryuk was not evil because he never cheated on Light. But he was not good at all because he was the reason for Light’s death. 

Though, he wanted this for doing great things. hence, he was different from other shinigami.  

Now, your confusion about this question, is Ryuk evil should be cleared. At the moment, you can give your true feedback about your thoughts on Ryuk.

See you again with some new interesting facts about this Death Note anime series. 

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