Is Mikasa Eren’s Girlfriend?

Every protagonist in the animated series had an interest in love. Hence, the anime series Attack On Titan is not exceptional. We find that Eren Yeager had an interest in Mikasa Ackerman. So, today’s writing is regarding: is Mikasa Eren’s girlfriend.

To be frank, Mikasa Ackerman was not Eren’s girlfriend. But Eren Yeager and Mikasa Ackerman’s loved each other more than anything. But they never expressed their feelings. 

Let’s dig deep into this article to explore some mysterious things about the relationship between Eren Yeager and Mikasa Ackerman. 

Is Mikasa Eren's Girlfriend

Is Mikasa Eren’s girlfriend

In this anime series, it was the most tragic story. Also, Mikasa Ackerman and Eren Yeager were very frustrated about their relationship. They had a secret relationship. 

In addition, they sacrificed their love for humanity. They were very loyal to each other. 

So, let’s start to explore some unknown facts about their relationship! 

How did Mikasa know Eren?

When Mikasa Ackerman was nine years old, she was kidnapped by three robbers. Those three robbers killed her parents. At that moment, Eren Yeager arrived and killed two kidnappers. Finally, Eren saved Mikasa Ackerman’s life. 

Eren Yeager and his father, Grisha Yeager, took Mikasa to their home. After that, Mikasa started living with Eren and his family.  

What kind of feelings does Eren have for Mikasa?

Eren had a very strong connection with Mikasa Ackerman. Since his childhood, he has always taken care of Mikasa. Moreover, Eren thought that Mikasa would fall into a dangerous situation if he would not stay with Mikasa always. 

As a result, all the time, Eren observed Mikasa. Eren always tried to save Mikasa Ackerman from everything. Also, he could not tolerate any other boy with his lover, Mikasa Ackerman. 

Did Mikasa have feelings for Eren Yeager?

Mikasa loved Eren secretly. Actually, Mikasa could feel Eren’s feelings. Also, she knew very well that Eren would be by her side all the time.  

Mikasa had feelings for Eren since she was younger. Also, she loved Eren in a romantic way. 

Were they involved in a relationship?

Mikasa and Eren Yeager were not in a relationship. But they had feelings for each other. In fact, they wanted to be together for life. 

In contrast, their destiny was very rude to them. Mikasa and Eren could not fulfill their dreams together. 

Later, Eren Yeager became a Titan to save the world from Titans. After transforming into a Titan form, he was insane. For his Titan form, his several close friends died. In addition, Mikasa did not get freedom for him. 

So, he decided to sacrifice his life for his friends as well as Mikasa. Then, Mikasa Ackerman killed Eren on the battlefield. 


Eren showed Mikasa how to live life with purpose. Mikasa had always been grateful to Eren for being by her side. Towards the end of this series, Eren and Mikasa expressed their feelings to each other. Unluckily, Eren had to die. 

I hope you’ve read this article: does Mikasa Eren’s girlfriend thoroughly. Keep in touch with us for more queries.

Happy watching! 

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