Is Death Note Real?

Death note is a popular manga series in Japan. If you have already watched it, you might want to know that, is death note real or not? Keep reading to know about it.

Death Note was possibly inspired by a one-shot novel called “The Miraculous Notebook” written by Shigeru Mizuki, which passionate Japanese fans found in 2006.

Death Note, however, might have existed since ancient china even before the advent of Japanese comics, according to current archaeological findings.

To clear up any doubts about whether the death note is real or not, stay tuned.

Is Death Note Real

Is Death Note Real?

Death Note is an animated drama series based on the Nisio Isin novel of the same name. It can be either true or false. After reading this article, you will be able to clear your confusion.

The Magical Power Of Death Note

Death note is a mysterious note belonging to the death of God. According to the myth, whose name is written in this book, he/she will die. 

The protagonist of the series is Light Yagami. He is basically a high school boy who lives in Tokyo. He is a bright student as well and shows his intelligence throughout the series.

He once came across a notebook titled “death note.” Whoever owns this notepad has evolved into a superhuman. The owner of this book has the ability to kill anyone simply by knowing their name and face.

When Light writes a name in his death note, he simply remembers their face, and they die of a heart attack after 40 seconds.

The true owner of the death note is a shinigami known as Ryuk. When Ryuk becomes bored with his shinigami world, he throws his death note into the human world, where it is taken over by Light. Shinigami can only be seen and heard by the death note owner.

Ryuk arrived on this planet and quickly became Light’s closest friend. Ryuk was astonished when he heard of Light’s hopes for a crime-free world. Then he helped him to pursue his dream.

But, after becoming a serial killer and being apprehended by the police, Light’s name was written on Ryuk’s death note, and he died of a heart attack.


I believe you are now ready to determine that, is death note real or fake. It fully depends on your personal beliefs.

After hearing the story of the death note, you can judge whether it is believable in real life or not. Actually, there is not any strong evidence that can prove that it is a real or fake story. So people fantasize about it on their own.

Good luck!

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