How Tall is Ryuk [Death Note]

In the Death Note series, who is your favorite shinigami character after Light Yagami? If you ask who is mine, then definitely I will utter the name of Ryuk. Surprisingly, you are at the right place to find an amazing fact about Ryuk such as how tall is Ryuk.

The height of Ryuk was 230 cm which was 7 feet 5 inches. Ryuk was unbelievably tall in this manga series. 

Now, I’m revealing some implausible truth about Ryuk’s height. So, stay tuned with us for exploring the implausible truth about Ryuk. 

How Tall is Ryuk

Character of Ryuk

The character of Ryuk was horrible. In Death Note, Ryuk was the most powerful shinigami. Hence, he tried to convince Light consistently to become a shinigami for his own benefit. However, he was the creation of darkness. 

Also, Ryuk made a new shinigami after 2 years for having new fun. After that, he returned to the Shinigami realm. He was the oldest shinigami in the shinigami realm. However, he could do anything for his own enjoyment in his life. Therefore, he had a very selfish motive. 

Who Was the Tallest Shinigami in Death Note 

The tallest shinigami in the Death Note series was The Old Man. The Old man was the king of the Shinigami realm. He was the god of death. 

Every shinigami obeyed his order very well. The Old Man created this shinigami realm. His actions were breathtaking in this series. Hence, he could be so large as well as tall when he used his abilities. 

When he used his abilities on his height, then no one could defeat him. Therefore, he made a shinigami which was Ryuk. Ryuk was the most potential shinigami in the shinigami realm. 

How Tall is Ryuk

Ryuk was very tall. In this manga series, his height was 7 feet 5 inches or 230 cm. However, his body was very large which made him dreadful. 

Ryuk had blue-gray mixed skin tone and lips. Also, his eyes were yellow. These features adjusted very well with his height. 

In Death Note, his height was not mentioned anywhere. Ryuk had a very gigantic appearance.

Did His Height Facts for Anything

His height did not matter for anything. Indeed, he was very powerful because of his height. Hence, he could fight with any shinigami easily for this. 

Moreover, he was very proficient in using the power of shinigami. Ryuk was very talented as well as intelligent. He could overcome every situation by using his brain. 


In a nutshell, Ryuk was a fictional character in the manga series Death Note. He gave a chance to Light Yagami to erase criminals from this world. Furthermore, he played a key role in making Light Yagami a shinigami. 

Moreover, he was a famous shinigami too for his height. His height made his appearance beautiful. Surprisingly, it didn’t matter how tall is Ryuk. Now, I hope you have already known the height of Ryuk.

For more information about the other features in this manga series Death Note, be in touch. Before that, happy watching and finding your favorite 2nd shinigami in this series. 

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