How Tall Is Light Yagami

If you are a fan of psychological thrillers, then Death Note must be in the top 10 of your favorite anime. But do you know how tall is Light Yagami, the protagonist of the series?

Light Yagami is 179cm or 5’10½’’ tall a young high school student ,when first appeared in ‘Death Note’. But as the time passes a few years, at the age of 23, he grew a little bit taller than before.

To know more about this intelligent yet cynical character, stay with us till the end.

How Tall Is Light Yagami

Is Light Super Tall?

Well, Light is one of the characters in this series who is super tall. Another most important character, L, has a similar height as Light. Since most of the time, L is sitting in a chair with his iconic weird posture; it is hard to figure out his height. But in the character profile, L is 178cm tall.

Furthermore, after the time passed to 6-7 years, Light became taller than his father. His father, Soichiro Yagami, is the chief of the National Police Agency in Japan. His height is 181cm.

Who Is The Tallest Character In Death Note?

Later in the series, many new characters appeared from time to time to complete the plot of the story. After L’s death, the ‘Kira investigation’ became a responsibility to another mastermind called ‘Near’. And as Near’s guardian, Anthony Rester is introduced in ‘Death Note’.

Anthony is by far the tallest character throughout the series. He is 193 cm tall. After him, Rod Ross (190 cm), Aiber (189 cm) and Kanzo Mogi (188 cm) can be in the list of the tallest characters.

Is Light and Kira The Same Person?

Well, technically you can say that because Light Yagami is the one who is hiding behind ‘Kira’. Kira is the name publicly assigned to Light. This word means killer.

After receiving the ‘Death Note’, Light started to kill all the criminals he could find in the TV and through his father’s confidential police files. He believed that he was purifying the world by killing all the criminals as they didn’t deserve any second chances.

Rather than hiding the fact of killing the criminals, Light came forward to the public by the name Kira. He accepted the name and after that, used it whenever he had to make any announcements.

But Light was Kira only when he had the notebook. By any chance, if Light is dead and someone else receives the ‘Death Note’, he will continue the image of Kira.


There are lots of controversies about the character of Light Yagami. Some people think that he did the right thing by killing all the culprits whereas others think that it was against the law of the society.  

It is true that he could have justified his talent, skills and intelligence in other ways. But he was seriously tempted with the dangerous power of ‘Death Note’.

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