How Tall is Eren Yeager

The character of the animated series Attack On Titan was very interesting and created a great appeal to the viewers. In fact, every character had tremendous powers and abilities for their species. Eren Yeager was one of them. 

Eren Yeager’s height was consistently changed through his species. And so the main topic of this article is how tall is Eren Yeager.  

In the year 850, Eren Yeager’s height was 170 cm. By 854, his height of Eren was 183. 

 How Tall is Eren Yeager

How tall is Eren Yeager 

The most interesting topic of this anime was Eren Yeager’s height. From this article, you will know the height of all Eren’s species. 

So, let’s start. 

Who was Eren Yeager

Eren Yeager was the best soldier of the 104th Training Corps. Also, he was a member of the Special Operation Squad. 

Eren Yeager lived in a Shiganshina district with his family. He was the son of Grisha Yeager. Sadly, Eren Yeager’s mother was eaten by a female Titan. 

Eren Yeager’s height 

Eren Yeager had two species such as human and intelligent Titan. In human form, Eren Yeager’s height was 170 cm which was 5 feet 5 inches in the year 850. 

By 854, Eren’s height was 183 cm which was 6 feet. At that moment, Eren was really tall among all other characters. 

What was Eren Yeager Pure Titan form’s height?

The height of Eren’s pure Titan form was 4m. In addition, the height of the Pure Titan form was shorter than Eren’s current Titan form. 

In this form, Eren had no lips. In contrast, he had a big head. 

Eren Yeager’s Attack Titan form’s height 

In this form, Eren Yeager’s height drastically increased. His height was almost 15m. Surprisingly, his ears and tongue were very long. 

Eren Yeager’s body shape was very big and his nose became hooked. For his height, he looked very dangerous. 

Was Eren Yeager’s Founding form short? 

The founding Titan form of Eren was different from Ymir’s founding Titan form. Eren founding Titan form was very hazardous. 

This form was extremely long. Amazingly, the height of Eren’s 220 meters to 420 meters. 


As far, how tall is Eren Yeager is a very tough question to describe in a word. Eren Yeager’s height varied according to his species. 

Eren Yeager acted very well in all his forms. In fact, his Titan form was different from other Titan forms.  

Always stay with us to know more interesting news about Eren Yeager. 

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