How Old Is Tanjiro In The Series Demon Slayer?

Those who possess an interest in Japanese manga must have heard about the famous manga series: Demon slayer.  The main protagonist’s name in the manga is Tanjiro Kamado.

If you want to know about how old Tanjiro is throughout the series, then you have to go through the series. At the beginning of the series, Tanjiro was a 13 years old teenager and at the epilogue, he returned at 17.

Let’s explore some more amazing facts about Tanjiro.

How Old Is Tanjiro In The Series Demon Slayer?

How old is Tanjiro

Tanjiro was one of the main protagonists in the series Demon Slayer. And to figure out the actual age of Tanjiro, you have to go through the full article. 

Tanjiro Kamado

Tanjiro Kamado was the eldest descendent of  Tanjuro Kamado, coal burner. He had a total of five siblings and he was a very loving brother towards them.

But the brutal incident of attacking his family by the strongest demon named Muzan Kibutsuji turned his life into a different timeline. All the members of his family died except his younger sister Nezuko Kamado and although she survived, she turned into a demon. 

So to lessen all the sufferings caused by the demons and also to cure his little sister, he prepared himself with war tactics, skills, and techniques joining into the demon slayer squad.

Tanjiro was very kind in person and it is an important thing to mention that despite his being a demon slayer, he was considerate towards the demons. 

During the fight with Muzan, he turned into a demon. His kindness was gone and became a demon full of hatred.

Tanjiro kamado’s age 

In the first chapter, Tanjiro was about 13 and Nezuko was about 12. As he wanted to fulfill his purpose, he trained hard for about two years till he turned 15 under the supervision of Sakonji Urokodaki. The character maintained this age for the next chapters. 

In chapter 204, he became 16 with his amazing water breathing skills, thunder breathing techniques, and other abilities. With these remarkable techniques, he was able to slaughter some powerful demons and also Muzan Kibutsuki. Tanjiro became 17 years old in the epilogue of the manga. 


Tanjiro Kamado is one of the top-rated characters in Japanese manga. Viewers love to see him because of his very kind behavior which was also towards demons. 

They got upset when Tanjiro became a demon, but Kanao made him turn into a human which we all got relief.

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