How Old Is Shinobu In Demon Slayer?

In the anime and manga version, Demon slayer Shinobu kocho is the major fan favorite. There is nobody who has watched Demon Slayer but does not know Shinobu Kocho.

Hence, this article will be so exciting for you. Because in this article, we will discuss this query: how old is Shinobu. 

Shinobu Kocho was 18 years old in this manga series. Among all Hashira of Demon Slayer, she was the youngest member of Demon Slayer. 

How old is Shinobu 

Shinobu was the most talented as well as intelligent younger Demon Slayer. You will learn numerous facts about Shinobu throughout this article such as Shinobu’s family, her personality, her abilities, and so on. 

So, stay connected with us for exploring Shinobu Kocho. 

how old is shinobu

Who was Shinobu Kocho 

Shinobu Kocho was the main leading character in this manga and anime series. She was a Demon Slayer. In Demon Slayer Crops, she was an Insect Hashira. 

Shinobu was a young woman in the Demon Slayer Corps. Shinobu was the cutest Hashira in this anime series as well. 

Shinobu’s physical feature 

Shinobu was a short girl. Her height was 151 cm or 4 feet 9 inches. Also, her body weight was 37 kg. 

Shinobu’s uniform of Demon Slayer Crops was dark purple. The hair color of Shinobu was mixed black and purple. And the color of her eye was purple.

Shinobu Kocho’s birth date

Shinobu was born on February 28. According to her birth date, she was 18 years old. She used to celebrate her birthday on Thursday. 

Among all Hashira in Demon Slayer Crops, she was the most intelligent youngest Hashira. Also, she was the youngest Demon Slayer in this manga and anime series Demon slayer. 

Shinobu Kocho’s childhood life 

Shinobu belonged to a Kocho family. She was the youngest daughter of his family. The name of her elder sister was Kanae Kocho. 

Shinobu was overwhelmed with lots of love as well as care from her family. She was the beloved daughter of his family. 

But sadly, Shinobu’s parents were killed by demons. Unluckily, she and her sister saw this bad incident. 

Shinobu’s powers and abilities 

Shinobu was very skilled as well as a powerful combatant in Demon Slayer Crops. Her swordsman style was insect breathing. Also, she was a very talented Hashira. 

Shinobu had numerous magical powers as well as abilities such as immense speed and power, strength, stamina as well as durability. Surprisingly, she had incredible willpower. 

On the battlefield, she had a vast knowledge about using poison at the right time. In fact, she had the capability to kill her enemies in a second. 


To summarize, Shinobu joined Demon Slayer Crops as a Demon Slayer to save human life. She and her sister were very mopish after seeing her parent’s slaughtered by demons. As a result, she and her sister became Demon Slayer. 

I hope you might love our discussion about this query: how old is Shinobu.  For more queries about Demon Slayer, be in touch with us. 

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