How Old Is Near Death Note

Estimating anime characters’ ages may be the toughest task ever because of the deceiving appearances of the characters. Such a character is Near from the most popular crime mystery anime Death Note. But do you know how old is Near Death Note?

In the anime, Near appeared in two different ages. At the end of the first part he was seen as a 13 years old boy and after the time skip, he was seen again as a 17-year-old young boy. 

However, if you want to know more about Near, stay with us in this brief discussion.

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How Old Is Near Death Note

Near’s Age

According to the anime, Near was a 13-year-old boy, who was born on 24th August 1991. Unfortunately, he was an orphan and his parent’s information was never mentioned anywhere.

Near took over the Kira case after L and Mello’s death. And Watari managed to transfer all the files to both of them before Rem caused him a heart attack. 

Near started investigating the case and came to Japan to defeat Light after 4 years. So, during the end part of the series, Near was a 17-18 years old young adult.

Confusion about Near’s Age

Many viewers of this show were confused about Near’s age from his first appearance. Since he was only 155cm, had a thin body of 40kg, and had a very young aura in his character, it was hard to believe that he would be able to help in the Kira investigation task force.\

But we are talking about the famous Wammy’s House here, where Watari had raised gifted children. So, even though Near was only 13 years old, he had the same intelligence as L to solve any mystery case.

Near’s Approach to Solve Kira Case

Mello and Near both helped in the Kira investigation case. But Near had a special approach to solving any crime. He used to compare the problem with a puzzle in his mind and then solved the case similar to solving a puzzle.

In contrast, Mello was reckless and impatient most of the time. That’s why he lost his life as well. But both L and Mello’s death gave Near the clue which he needed to solve the case. The lost puzzle piece Near needed was the existence of the Death Note. 

And when he found out, it became easy for him to crack the case. Only with his high IQ and problem-solving skill, Near was the one who caught Light red-handed at such a young age.


The uniqueness of this anime is that the mystery behind Death Note and mass murder by Kira wasn’t solved with any magic spell. In the end, Near’s supernatural intelligence saved humanity from the cruelty of Light Yagami.

And even though people had doubts, Near proved his worth by defeating Kira and the Death God.

Hope you have enjoyed this writing, but you will get real experience only by watching this most underrated animation series ever. 

Happy watching!

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