How Old Is Misa Amane

Misa Amane is the female antagonist who assists Light to fulfill his dream of purifying the world in the famous anime Death Note. But do you know how old is Misa Amane?

Well, Misa Amane was 19 years old when she first appeared in anime or manga. But Light Yagami was only 17 at the time of debut. So, there is a slight chance that Misa was older than Light.

How Old Is Misa?

As I mentioned before, Misa was 19 at the time of debut. However, after the vast time gap in the story, we found her at 24 years old. She used her modeling career as her shadow and also helped Light to kill numerous people by providing him their real name.

How Old Is Misa Amane

How Did Misa’s Lifespan Change?

Misa’s original lifespan was altered multiple times. She received the lifespan of Gelus (Misa’s first Death God) because Gelus sacrificed his life to save her. After that, Rem also gave Misa his lifespan. Rem sacrificed herself by killing both L and Watari. He also saved Misa from being exposed as Kira.

But even so, Misa traded half of her lifespan twice to have Shinigami Eyes. She did that without thinking about the consequences and without question because she was madly in love with Light and Light told her to do so.

Relationship of Misa and Light:

Misa was another Death Note holder after Light Yagami. She worked as a model and lived with her Death God Rem. She lived alone there because her parents were murdered.

After Light started to kill the sinners behind Kira’s shadow, he had killed the person who murdered Misa’s parents. From then, Misa became a fan of Kira. She found out that Light was actually Kira with her Shinigami eye that she exchanged with Rem.

At that time, she fell in love with Light after meeting him and then tricked him to be his girlfriend. Light saw an opportunity to use both Misa’s Death Note and her Shinigami eye to become invincible. 

How Old Was Misa When She Died?

At the edge, Light thought that he nearly defeated the Kira investigation team. But Near set the trap to find out the real Kira and succeed. Light died during the fight with the Taskforce.

After Misa heard the news of her beloved one’s death, she went to a ledge of a tall building alone. It was mentioned in the manga that she committed suicide at the end as she couldn’t bear the sadness of Light’s death.

Misa Amane was born on Christmas of 1984 and died on Valentine’s day of 2014. She died at the age of 30. 


Misa Amane was an important character in Death Note because, without her help, Light could not have been able to continue killing the criminals. Misa became his eyes and even second Kira when he was under surveillance. 

Even though her backstory and her fate, at last, she wasn’t always happy and Light never actually loved her. She tried with all her might to save her hero.  

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