How Old Is Light Yagami

Do you remember the main protagonist of Death Note? Yes, I am talking about Light Yagami. Lots of mysterious facts are related to this character. His before and after-death lifetime was full of surprises. 

If we try to find out, how old is Light Yagami, in the answer, we will get a lifelong story based on his age. If we whirl back to the full series, we can find him as a 17-year-old teenage boy who expired at his 24th age. 

Let’s find something more fascinating about Yagami’s particular age and his actions through this writing.

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Assessment Of Yagami’s Age In Death Note

Birth History Of Light Yagami

According to the original manga series, Light Yagami was born in February 1986 in an ordinary family. He had his father, a homemaker mom, and a younger sister in his family.

His father was the chief of the National Police Agency and also the head of the task force. This task force was made for finding out “Kira”. 

Assessment Of Yagami’s Age In Death Note

When Yagami was a 17 years old boy and he found the death note, the story of this series started. At this age, Yagami felt frustrated and wanted to do something good for the people in Japan. After finding the death note, he decided to kill criminals for the establishment of Justice.

But he had been trapped by L’s rule and started their fight from that time. Later on, Yagami destroyed Raye (who also wanted to rule him), along with all foreign agents. He also killed Naomi and was finding a way of winning this conflict.

At the age of 18, for the first time Yagami met with L on his school program. L defeated Yagami in a tennis competition and offered to work with him to solve Kira’s case. Yagami was again trapped and lost his memory on a certain note and started seriously working for L’s investigation. L was the first one, who suspected him as Kira. After that, he was also killed by Yagami.

After conquering all the obstacles, at the age of 19, Yagami started doing justice by killing people. By doing such bravery for the welfare of people, he was appointed to the police force at the age of 22 and started investigating Kira officially.

In his 23rd, he again conflicted with an American team of Near. At that time, he met with Takada and started working with her as a team. At the time of conflict, when Yagami was shooted, Ryuk wrote his name on a death note and he died on the 24th. 

Ending Point

After his death, he entered the kingdom of Shinigami and had to tolerate unbearable torture. Maybe he could not tolerate it and accepted some agreement of the Shinigami king and became the god of death.

Because of Yagami’s innocence, his inside horrible face would not be easily noticeable at all. This was a great advantage of him for doing such corruption and all of his mischief was considered as a work of “Kira” which was his real identity. Yagami was undoubtedly a remarkable character.

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