How Old Is Levi Ackerman?

If you have watched this anime and manga series Attack On Titan, then definitely you know the most energetic character Levi Ackerman. The discussion about Levi is always enjoyable. 

Today we will discuss how old is Levi Ackerman in this animated series. 

Alright, Levi was around 30 to 33 years old. Astonishingly, he was the strongest human since his childhood. 

How Old Is Levi Ackerman

How old is Levi Ackerman

Levi Ackerman kept his life’s information secret. Here are so many amazing facts which were related to Levi’s life. Levi was the heir of the Ackerman clan. 

As a consequence, he was the owner of several unbelievable powers and abilities. Also, you will know some interesting childhood stories of Levi’s. 

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The character of Levi Ackerman 

Levi Ackerman was the best soldier in the Survey Corps. In fact, he was the captain of the Survey Corps. 

The elite group of the Survey Corps was the Special operation Squad. This group was run by Levi Ackerman. Levi was the leader of the Special Operation Squad. 

Levi Ackerman’s personality

Levi Ackerman was a boy who had a strong empathy as well as loyalty. He was a very clean freak. In fact, he loved to keep himself and the environment spotless. 

In contrast, Levi Ackerman was very introverted. As a result, he was not very approachable. 

But he showed great respect towards his commander, Erwin Smith. Consequently, Erwin Smith had a soft corner for Levi Ackerman. 

What was Levi Ackerman’s age? 

By the year 850, Levi Ackerman was 30 years old. Levi was born on 25 December. Levi’s birthplace was an underground city. 

Kuchel Ackerman was his mother. Sadly, Levi’s father’s name was unknown. In addition, he was a short man. His height was 160 cm or 5 feet 3 inches.

Levi Ackerman was the oldest soldier of the Survey Corps. Surprisingly, he successfully won many battles. 

When Levi was younger his mothers died. After that, his uncle raised him. To survive, Levi’s uncle taught him every lesson about the fight. 


I hope today’s article on how old is Levi Ackerman is delightful for you. No matter how old Levi Ackerman was, he always would be so strong. 

Moreover, Levi was the strongest soldier who worked for humanity. His morality and sense of humor were impressive. Also, be in touch with us for knowing more about Levi Ackerman. 

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