How Old Is L From Death Note?

After releasing the series of Death Note, fans are very curious about the character of L. They are crazy for eagerly knowing this query how old is L from the Death Note. 

In this manga series, L was 27 years old. At that time, he was a young man. 

For knowing more about the character of L such as his physical features, his birth date, his abilities, and so on, keep your eyes on this article. 

How Old Is L From Death Note

Character of L

In this manga series, L was a fictional character, he played a vital role in this manga series Death Note. The real name of L was L Lawliet. He was a very intelligent and talented investigator in this world. 

The goal of his life was to expose the real face of Light Yagami. Because Light Yagami was the most dangerous Kira in Death Note. 

L’s age 

L was born on October 31 in 1979. The Death Note series was released in 2006. According to this manga series, L was 27 years old. 

L’s parents died when he was a child. Afterward, he and his brother (Watari) lived in a wammy house.  He was raised by Quillsh wammy. 

L’s Physical Features 

His physical features were very attractive. He was a young man in Death Note. Thus, he was very slim and tall. He had black eyes. 

In Death Note, L was always wearing blue jeans as well as a long-sleeved white shirt. He was a handsome boy. 

In consequence, L’s height was 178 cm or 5 feet 8 inches. His weight was approximately 50 Kg. 

L Abilities 

L had numerous abilities which were god gifted. He was very conscientious and analytical. Thus, he was an expert at solving any critical problem. 

L had a great power of deduction. He could catch any dangerous kira by applying his analytical thoughts. 

Afterward, He was highly intelligent as well as cunning. For this innate and natural ability, he was a famous detective internationally. 


In Nutshell, the character of L was one of the leading characters in this manga series. His main purpose was to save humans from dangerous criminals in this world. 

Now, you should be clear with the most-talked query: how old is L from Death Note. Thank me later for getting your desired answer. 

Before that stay good. 

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