How Old is Eren Yeager

Eren Yeager was the bravest boy in the animated series Attack On Titan. In fact, those who have watched Attack On Titan, eagerly want to know Eren’s age for his bravery. 

So, as an Eren fan, a question can peep into your mind, how old is Eren Yeager? 

Eren Yeager was 15 years old in this series. Let’s explore some interesting facts about Eren Yeager throughout this article. 

How old is Eren Yeager

How old is Eren Yeager 

From this article, you will explore a lot of facts about Eren which will be very surprising for you. In addition, you will find out what amazing things he did within his lifespan. 

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The character of Eren Yeager 

Eren Yeager was the main protagonist who turned into an antagonist later in this animated series. In fact, he was a member of the Survey corps. In addition, he was the best soldier in the 104th training corps. 

Eren Yeager was the heir of titan’s powers and abilities. Surprisingly, he got this power from his father. Also, he had the power of WarHammer Titan. 

Eren Yeager’s family

Eren Yeager was the son of Grisha Yeager. Grisha Yeager was a doctor. In addition, Eren had a stepbrother, Zeke Yeager. 

The name of Eren’s mother was Carla Yeager. She was the 2nd wife of Grisha. By profession, Carla was a waitress at a bar which was located in Shiganshina District.

Eren Yeager’s age 

By the year 850, Eren Yeager was 15 years old. The birthday date of Eren Yeager was March 30th. And also, Eren was 19 years old in 884. 

The most interesting fact is that when he was a child, he joined the 104th training corps as a soldier. From childhood, Eren Yeager was the bravest boy in Shiganshina town. 

In that time, he saved Mikasa Ackerman’s life from the three robbers. 


This article about how old is Eren Yeager might be enjoyable for you. That’s because Eren Yeager was the most interesting character in this series and we have tried to group up every important aspect of his life here. 

Amazingly, Eren’s age was just a number. Since his childhood, he had received numerous powers from god. But he was never proud of his power and abilities. 

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