How Old Is Eren Jaeger

In the animated series Attack On Titan, the most powerful and strongest protagonist is Eren Jaeger. Astoundingly, Eren Jaeger showed incredible power at his teenage age. 

As a consequence, a question may arise in Eren Jaeger fans’ minds: how old is Eren Jaeger in this anime series. 

By 850, Eren Jaeger was 15 years old. Since his childhood, he had tremendous powers and abilities which made him exceptional. 

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how old is eren jaeger

How old is Eren jaeger 

There are so many interesting facts that are related to the Eren Jaeger age. From this article, you will get a chance to know about this. 

So, let’s begin. 

Who was Eren Jaeger?

Eren Jaeger was the main protagonist of Attack On Titan. Eren was a member of the Survey Corps. In fact, he was the most powerful soldier in the 104th training Corps. 

Eren was the inheritor of Titan’s power. As a consequence, he was the owner of three Titan powers such as Attack Titan form, Founding Titan form, and Pure Titan form. 

Eren’s physical structure 

In 850, Eren’s height was 170 cm which was 5 feet 5 inches. In Attack On Titan, his height was average. In addition, Eren’s weight was 63 kg. 

Eren was a muscular man. Surprisingly, his face was similar to his mother’s. He had gray eyes with short hair. For his muscular body, he was a physically fit boy. 

The age of Eren Jaeger 

In the year 850, Eren was 15 years old. Eren was raised by his parents. Also, he lived in a Shiganshina district. In fact, the Shiganshina district was his birthplace. 

Eren Jaeger was the youngest soldier in 104th Training Corps. By 854, Eren Jaeger was 19 years old. His birth date was 30th March. 

Eren Jaeger had been very strong since his childhood. At a young age, Eren saved Mikasa Ackerman’s life from three Robbers. 


Eren illustrated incredible power from his childhood despite his morality and principle being very strong. He was an idle son to his parents.

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