How Many Seasons Of Death Note?

If you’re planning to watch the Death Note anime series, you might be curious to know how many seasons there are. Don’t worry, we’ll keep you informed.

Death Note is a mysterious anime series including one season and 37 episodes. It is worth watching if you look at the director as well as the characters.

The series has a 9.0 IMDB rating. If you’re indecisive about whether or not to watch this series, you may get a glimpse of it by checking the casting and IMDB rating. Without giving any spoilers, learning a little about Death Note’s plot can help you in making your ultimate decision.

Let’s discuss how many seasons of death note?

How Many Seasons Of Death Note?

How Many Seasons Of Death Note?

Death Note is a Japanese animation series that consists of 37 episodes. The director of this series was Tetsuro Araki and the writer was Tsugumi Obha.

It was aired on the Nippon Television network in Japan every Tuesday from 3rd October 2006 to 26th June 2007. 

The story centers around Light Yagami, a high school bright student who seeks to purge the world of crime with the assistance of a magical notebook known as a Death Note.

Light uses this notebook to kill some world’s most dangerous criminals and earn the title Kira which means the savior.

Let’s explore some of the beginning episodes of it to give you some idea about this series.

Episode 1: Rebirth

In the first episode, a high school boy Light Yagami finds a notebook in his school’s playgrounds that claims to be capable of killing anyone who knows the owner’s identity and face.

Firstly, he doesn’t trust the claims of the “Death Note”  but after putting its claims to the test, he realizes that they are true. 

The notebook’s actual owner, a shinigami titled Ryuk, comes to Light and informs him that he is the new owner of it. So Light can only see and hear shinigami Ryuk. Light chooses to use the power of the death note to change the world by destroying the evils.

Episode 2: Confrontation

As criminals start to die of heart attacks, Interpol contacts a top-ranked investigator L who does not reveal his true identity. He communicates with the agents through electronic means and promises to confront the killer titled Kira soon.

Then, with the help of a television program, L convinces Light that Kira resides in the region of Japan Kanto. Light gets embarrassed and promises to get rid of L.

Episode 3: Dealings

L. and police officials discuss the “Kira case.” When L inquires about the victims’ deaths, he comes to realize that Kira is most likely a school-going boy with a primitive view of justice. 

Episode 4: Pursuit

In this episode, Light devises a strategy to discover the stalker’s name. He arranges for a drug dealer to kidnap a bus carrying Light and his stalker. Light discloses the agent’s name during the hijacking.

Episode 5: Tactics

Before murdering Raye Penber, Light delays a week. By frightening Raye’s family, he pursues Raye into a train & pushes him to write down a list of his fellow officers on a page of the Death Note.

The police are afraid to continue the investigation because of the sudden deaths of such twelve FBI agents. Then the American president takes the FBI off the Kira case.

In one season, there are a total of 37 episodes. Confession, love, doubt, silence, and a new world are just a few of the fascinating tales. In each episode, you will be stunned and mystified. Now you might feel interested in this series. Go and watch it.


I hope, this article entitled how many seasons of death note is able to give you some idea of the series.

Every episode in this series has the ability to hold your attention for a long period of time. Though Light Yagami wishes to bring peace to the world by eliminating all evils and making the world a better place for decent people, it is forbidden to kill oneself.

Every country has a police force and a legal system that will deal with and punish criminals. No one should punish criminals with their own hands; instead, they should be taken to jail by the police for justice. Kira’s conclusion was disheartening. He was finally caught and killed.

Best wishes.

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