How Does Death Note End?

Death Note is a famous Japanese anime series that debuted in 2006 on television and immediately became a worldwide sensation.

This series focuses on Light Yagami, a teenage intellectual who owns a magical notebook known as the “Death Note,” which was once owned by the Shinigami Ryuk. The notebook provides the user with the magical power to kill people.

Light uses this notebook to kill some world’s most dangerous criminals and earn the title Kira. However, Kira’s power came to an end at the end of this series. 

Let’s know how does death note end?

How Does Death Note End

How does Death Note end?

To get the answer, you have to know several facts. But before going to the ending story, let’s know about some important characters in the series.

Light Yagami

Light Yagami is the main character of this series. He is basically a high school boy who lives in Tokyo. He is a bright student as well and shows his intelligence throughout the series.

However, his motto is to create a crime-free world by destroying all the evils. But day by day he has become a serial killer.

Investigator L

L is a high school boy who lived in Tokyo. L was not his real name. He was also a bright student like Light. Light and L become toppers in college admissions. He helped the police force investigate their cases. He became friends of Light.


Misa is among the story’s most prominent characters. Yet she wasn’t as intelligent as Light, Near, L, and many others, she performed an important part as second Kira. 

She had shinigami eyes and was able to kill anyone without knowing their name. With her shinigami eyes, she could see anyone’s name. 


Takada first debuted as the classmate and girlfriend of Light Yagami in the manga novel death note.

Takada is a well-known female who reappears in the novel 5 years later as an NHN broadcaster picked by Teru Mikami to be its spokesperson of Kira. 


Near is a brilliant young man, despite the fact that his childlike appearances and manner may lead some to doubt his talents. He is obsessed with fixing complex problems as well as considers each investigation as a puzzle to be solved. 


Shinigami is a supernatural being with some extraordinary superhuman abilities. As a result, people regarded him as a god of death.

In Death Note, Shinigami is shown as a mortal. There were two shinigami in the series. One name is Ryuk, a friend of Light and the other one name is Rem, a friend of Misa. 

How Does Death Note End? 

Fans of Light Yagami will be disappointed with the ending. Throughout the series, Light desired to become the god of justice by destroying the world’s injustices. But he was pursued by the police and detective branch. 

People were supporting him since he was killing criminals, but the police wanted to arrest him for killing them himself. 

They hired L., a well-known detective. L was on the verge of discovering that Light Yagami is Kira, but Light is so clever that he finally killed him. 

At this point of the series, everyone assumed the light was unbeatable, but in the last episode, all got surprised to see the Light die.

Following L’s death, a new detective, Near, was hired. Near was the smarter of the two.

Near succeeded in exposing Light Yagami as Kira. When Light Yagami’s plot backfired and he was caught by the police, he confessed and tried to run away from the room. However, Matsuda shoots him in the hands, he then ran from the spot drenched with blood.

After that, Ryuk wrote Light’s name on the death note, and Light died of a heart attack in the stairway.

Light’s final moments begin with Near’s capability to expose Light as Kira at the yellow box warehouse. Then after Kira’s death, the original death note was reserved by the police force.


Now you should be clear about how does death note ends, right? I guess so.

Actually, this anime series is set in the context of a murder investigation, and the audience gets to see the perpetrator’s and the detective’s perspectives.

After the death of its chief investigator L, the beginning investigations into the serial killer Kira speed up in part two, which is split into 2 sections. 

In the final episode, Kira’s illegal activities came to an end with the help of investigator Near.

Literally, this is an amazing anime. I highly recommend you to watch it.

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