How Did Rengoku Die In Demon Slayer?

What is your dearest character from the manga series, Demon Slayer? If I’m not wrong, then Kyojuro Rengoku should be on your favorite list. He is my favorite character too. And surely, you are waiting to get your desired answer about this query: how did Rengoku die?

Well, Kyojuro Rengoku surrendered to Akaza, an antagonist of Demon Slayer and after that, he was killed by him. He sacrificed his life to save Tanjuro’s life. 

Be in touch with us to satisfy your mind about the information of your favorite character, Kyojuro Rengoku. 

How Did Rengoku Die 

Kyojuro Rengoku was killed by Akaza and there is a long story behind it. Let’s know about some facts that will let you know the reasons behind this incident.

How Did Rengoku Die In Demon Slayer

Character of Kyojuro Rengoku 

Kyojuro Rengoku was the most powerful and strongest Hashira in Demon Slayer Crops. Also, he was a Demon Slayer. He was even a very intelligent Hashira in this manga series.

He was a young tall man. Hence, he had gold with red irises eyes which were very attractive. In addition, his smile was very enthusiastic. 

Kyojuro was the owner of incredible powers and abilities. He had immense speed and reflexes, stamina, durability, strength, etc. His speed was so fast that the eye couldn’t see him. In fact, he had extrasensory perception. 

The most powerful and unique abilities of Kyojuro were indomitable will as well as sharp intellect. For this, he was a master of combat knowledge. 

The Morality And Principles Of Rengoku

The morality and principles of Rengoku were very strong. He got the lesson of morality from his mother. As a result, he was very enthusiastic about his duties as a Hashira.

Kyojuro was a strong warrior with his principles. He always tried to save everyone’s life. Hence, he could not think to harm anyone. He thought that he was born to protect the weak. 

The Reason Behind The Death Of Rengoku

Rengoku was killed by the most powerful demon, Akaza. On the battlefield, kyojuro killed demons who had the position of Three Upper-Rank. Suddenly, Akaza jumped in between them. 

Akaza attacked Rengoku’s stomach and stuck his arms.  At that time, Rengoku tried to cut Akaza’s head with his sword. But he was not able to do it. Because Akada managed himself. 

Why Did Rengoku Sacrifice Himself 

Akaza was the most powerful and strongest Demon. His powers and abilities were similar to Rengoku. He attacked Rengoku very violently. On the other hand, Rengoku wanted to save Tanjiro and others from Akaza. As a result, Rengoku Succumbed to Akaza. 

Akaza wanted to make Rengoku a demon. At that moment, Rengoku remembered his morality that he had to save everyone’s life, not to take life. So, 

Rengoku did not want to be a demon. And for this, he sacrificed himself. 


To conclude, this sacrifice made Kyojuro Rengoku great in this manga series Demon Slayer. Also, he showed his great morality and principles in this series. He will always stay in the hearts of his fans. 

Now, I hope you might enjoy this heart-touching story throughout this query: how did Rengoku die. For knowing more incredible facts about Demon Slayer, be in touch with us. 

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