How Did Mikasa Kill Eren

The most commercially successful animation series is Attack On Titan. After watching this series, as a fan, you may have the query: how did Mikasa kill Eren? 

Well, you know the main twist of this anime series was Mikasa Ackerman and Eren Yeager. 

Mikasa Ackerman beheaded Eren Yeager on the battlefield. Eren Yeager died as a result of Mikasa’s action. In fact, Mikasa killed Eren Yeager to save the world.  

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How Did Mikasa Kill Eren


How Did Mikasa kill Eren 

There are many interesting facts about Eren Yeager’s death. Surprisingly, Eren Yeager was killed by his lover, Mikasa Ackerman which was a very pathetic story. For knowing more, go through this article till the end. 

Let’s jump into this article. 

The character of Eren Yeager

Eren Yeager played the main role in this anime series Attack On Titan. He was a soldier of the 104th Training Corps. In fact, he was the main member of the Survey Corps. 

Eren Yeager lived in a district that was Shiganshina. The name of his father was Grisha Yeager. Grisha Yeager was an Eldian doctor. In contrast, Zeke was Eren Yeager’s stepbrother. 

Eren Yeager Attack Titan form 

The Attack Titan form of Eren Yeager was very dangerous. In this form, his height was 15 m. He had a hooked nose and a large body. 

Eren could make a wailing sound when he cried. In addition, Eren Yeager’s Attack Titan form was more physically fit than the Attack Titan holders. 

Eren Yeager Founding Titan form 

In this form, Eren’s hair and ears were largely elongated. Eren had no cheek but his lips and chin were present. 

Eren’s founding Titan form was different from Ymir’s Founding Titan form. Also, Eren’s legs were longer than any Wall Titan.  

The abilities and powers of Eren Yeager 

Eren Yeager had tremendous powers and abilities. In fact, he was the inheritor of the Attack Titan form, Founding Titan form, Pure Titan form, and so on. 

Eren was an expert in martial arts. He had immense natural physical strength. In the 104th graduate squad, he gained the best score in hand-to-hand combat. 

Eren killed a Titan while he was training at the 104th graduate squad. Due to his vertical maneuvering equipment abilities, he was able to kill a Titan. 

But Eren did not show his equipment abilities to the 1014th graduate squad. 

Were Mikasa Ackerman and Eren Yeager enemies?

Mikasa Ackerman and Eren Yeager were not enemies. In fact, Eren Yeager and Mikasa Ackerman had feelings for each other since they were children. 

When Mikasa Ackerman was nine years old, Eren saved her life from three robbers. After that, Mikasa lived with Eren and his family. 

Eren Yeager never expressed his feelings to Mikasa. But Eren always stood beside Mikasa. Mikasa loved Eren in a romantic way. Before the final battle, Eren expressed his true feelings to Mikasa. 

Sadly, they never had a relationship. Eren and Mikasa did not get a scope to love each other properly. 

Why Eren Yeager became a Titan

Eren Yeager’s house collapsed due to the disaster Fall of Wall Maria. At that moment, Eren could not save his mother. 

A female Titan ate his mother. For this, Eren wanted to take revenge for his mother’s death. 

In this disaster, lots of friends of Eren died. After some time, Eren found out that some of his friends were Titans. 

To save humanity, Eren transformed himself into a Titan form. 

How did Eren die? 

Eren Yeager became a Titan on the battlefield. He had numerous Titan forms. Mikasa Ackerman was in charge of the Special Operation Squad to kill Eren Yeager. 

On the battlefield, Mikasa Ackerman cut Eren’s head. After being beheaded, Eren Yeager died.

After transforming into a Titan form, Eren became insane. For that, Mikasa was forced to kill him. 


At the end of the series, Eren Yeager sacrificed himself for his humanity. In contrast, Eren wanted to free Mikasa. For his Titan form, this world was saved from Titans. 

In fact, he tried to destroy the Eldian people so that humans could live their life peacefully.

I hope his fans might be cleared with this query: how did Mikasa kill Eren. b For more updates stay with us. 

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